They’ve been vegging for 12 weeks. How to control height during flower. What is suupercropping?


Super cropping is used to control the plant height. 2 things to consider before doing this, your current plant top to light distance and figure the plant stretching at least twice it’s height when you flip the light schedule leaving the light at height that will not burn the canopy and provide optimum DLI to flower these ladies :love_you_gesture:


Truthfully I would not super crop. I would try to obtain a productive form by chopping it in 1/2

And as mentioned, set the light at a proper height.


Research LST…basically you want to tie the tops down and the lower brances will rise up.

Super cropping is when you bend a branch by first crushing the stem between your fingers at the spot you want to bend then bending it over. I wrap the bend with teflon tape to help close up any splits in the stem.


Interesting approach. Makes sense as it is obviously a photo, call it an extreme topping. The lower half has a nice structure to expand on. Chop then veg/train for a couple more weeks and I can see those plants producing dozens of huge colas. Clone the tops that get cut off and keep the train rolling.


I have done that by accident dropping a transplant from a 5 to a 20. Broke main clean off. Vegged her back out and ended with a shorter wider beautiful plant. 2 lbs or so.


I have had to do that occasionally with clones. I take cuttings too early and before I know it I have 3 month old trees

Just a little of the top

Then squeeze them into a frame. A little supercropping to boot

My current grow I have two that I did this with. One I left a little taller and the other I cut , I’m guessing, 6" shorter. Right now the one I cut shorter is bigger around and taller than the other.

I was in no rush to flip them so they had time to recover.


HMGRWN, thank you for your reply. Could you please tell me how to chop them in half? I mean, where to chop, how to cut, do I take the top half just the way it is and plant it straight into the soil/medium? Do I do any trimming? I’m sorry, but this is my first grow with photo’s. I just harvested some auto’s but didn’t have this problem. They only got to 3 feet. I appreciate any advice you have time to give. This is a special grow for me in honor of my son. “Failure is not an option!” Lol!

Wow!! You’ve got a great setup!!

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Have you topped a plant before or generally familiar with the term? Because is what you will be doing to each branch.

I’ve got a 4x4 tent. I can’t do the netting or anything like that but I can certainly cut them in half. Thank you for showing where. I just cut it in half? And then let it mend itself from there?

I guess I’m really not sure how to. When the plant first came up, I pulled the middle and let it spread in two but from there, I’ve done nothing to any of them. I kept my auto’s trimmed of big leaves but that’s it.

The objective is to decrease the size of the plant and for it to form a more even and flat top. A net is not necessary in achieving this.

I would select a branch and follow it down till you find a node at about the height where you want to cut it. When I have had to do this with multiple plants I would literally put a piece of colored tape at that spot. Find the same height on the next plant and see how the form matches up. If it looks good, start cutting just above that node. Don’t worry about an inch or two difference between branches / plants.

I added a few yellow lines where it looks to be good spots to cut. Enlarge the photo and hopefully it makes sense.

good luck.


If you cut them pop the cut branches into soil. If the clones take great. If they dont no loss. Just me.


Thank you so much!! I’ve watched countless YouTube videos on all of this and there’s just too much out there. People can get really technical when it comes to their plants!! Lol! You explained it simply and made it pretty damn easy by marking the lines. If I “F” this up, then I need to probably go back to growing tomatoes!
Would it be ok if I sent you pics later of my plants after they are cut and vegging for a bit and you give me your opinion on how they are doing? They are getting light 24/7 now. As soon as I cut them do I switch the light cycle? And do I continue to give them the same nutes I’ve been giving; Tiger Bloom and cal-mag?