They say aeroponics isn't for beginners

Holy smokes!! Nice looking cola! Fantastic job!

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Heck yeah man ! Congrats !

Thanks fellas. Some root pics for ya…


I took a few snaps before the chop, this is my favorite/the only one worth sharing lol.

Was able to convert the tent into dryer mode. Everything hung for a five day dry at 66F and 60 percent humidity.

Ended up with 381 grams off of the three gals. It’s already starting to smoothe out in the jars after a couple of days. Amnesia haze doesn’t smell good in the jar (yet?) but it smokes with notes of lemon and pine and a good giggly sativa buzz. The Blueberry smells and tastes like it’s namesake. Very mellow buzz overall. I’m anxious to see if the smell and taste improve with some good cure time.

Thank you to everyone who took an interest and who offered guidance along the way. I’m looking forward to my sophomore grow. Hooked on ponics worked for me!


That’s a very robust root system. Awesome job!

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Can’t wait for next one. Tag me when you start !

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I’ve been sanitizing and reorganizing the tent for my next attempt. I think I’ve got a good game plan. Stay tuned.

The harvest is curing up nicely. I was finally able to make some dry ice hash out of my trim. Ended up with almost 3g of extract from an ounce of trim


Tag me when you start your next grow awesome learned alot here congrats on your harvest .keep up the great work 1 grow down 100s more to come

Thats fantastic! Nice haul!

Sorry I was busy all of December.

Dang man you harvested much to early but that’s okay you learned alot.

HOLY ROOTS, those are super healthy looking!

Run 2 next time and FIM at the 4th/5th node.
Also you can see how much the stretch got you, so try to control it this round and that’s why cranking the lights pre stretch is important.

All in all great first run.


Yo, i’m maybe too late to the topic but could ya elaborate on kingbrites (which ones to buy), i’m looking at alibaba for my grow lights and there are alot of sellers claiming to sell the ‘original brand’. So…links please?

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Google kingbrite Alibaba

The company name is Shenzhen kingbrite.

It would depend on your space. 100-125w is used per plant basically there are kits for tent sizes as well.


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