They say aeroponics isn't for beginners

Another question/variable in the equation for you hydro gurus out there…tandem to my last question would an increase in EC be wise in either situation? The way I see it I have two options, I could keep them on transitional nutes and perhaps raise the EC to 2.0.? Or I could change the solution to bloom food and try and keep the ec at 1.8 for now and see how the ones in stretch react to the bloom food. I use general hydroponics three part with some calmag just to be clear.

It’s getting crowded in there! Aggressive growth this week has the BB at 3ft tall!, with the amnesia haze at 16 and 20 inches respectively. All are getting bushier, and the smell is getting stronger. I ended up topping off last night with some bloom formula, but I didn’t do a whole reservoir change yet. Waiting on some guidance or to see how they act. I was hoping the bloom food might inspire the big girl to stop her vertical assault and concentrate on fattening up some nugs. (ILGM BBauto lists around 32 inches in the description so I hope it’s close to final height?)

I am going to have a similar issue when it comes time for flushing. Any forethought you guys can offer might help me plan ahead vs react in the coming weeks.

That is a four inch net pot to put the stalk into perspective, she’s beefy. Thanks all.


Looking nice ,interesting thread! Hope ya don’t mind me pulling up a chair…

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Not at all! Welcome!


Nice plants! I have a bushy sour diesel auto that I hope gets as big as yours lol

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Thanks msnae, yours looks like she’s vegging nicely. I hope she’s a monster.


Been a week since my first posts and my big adjustment had been tweaking my tent to work with the new light set up. Currently the environment is around 85to87 degrees, 50-55% humidity, and 800 to1500ppm Co2 during lights on. Nighttime temp is getting down to 68 degrees. Nutrients are still transitional formula with an EC of 1.8/ph 6.0. As a result…

BB is standing tall at 40 inches and is really filling out the tent. The amnesia haze have also put on substantial growth both nearing 2ft. The one in the back is smaller and stunted in size, but is stacking buds almost as much as the blueberry on her few blossoming sights. The amnesia in the front corner is still acting like a late veg in my limited knowledge, but looks like the healthiest of the bunch still. Since I switched my lights over, consecutive days of 3 to 4 inch growth have been the norm. Thanks to all who offered their guidance this week, I don’t think I’d have that monster in my tent if people hadn’t talked me into the 600 watt light and moving my fans. Really excited for the weeks to come…


I would think 85-87 would be a little warm in there. Do you have a vpd chart to follow?

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I do and I wish I could get buy humidity down a bit more, but I am also trying to have some faith in the light’s recommended running ambient temp. It’s recommended to run your tent at 85. They assert that a normally ideal 75 to 78 degrees won’t metabolize as well and doesn’t heat up the leaves and it should be run 10 degrees hotter. Is this a common thing with LED’s?

Sorry for being MIA wrapped up a job and just got home after 2 weeks away the getting a drug test tomorrow and a job on Friday… So I been busy as most days off are.

Ignore what the manufacturer said about Temps follow a VPD chart, although for true VPD you need a temp gun to be able to take leaf temp.
Until you get one follow the standard VPD chart, it’s the best science available regardless of crops VPD works and we know how truthful the light manufacturers have been to you, :smile_cat:

I would keep feeding grow until the stretch is over as plants will be hungry for nitrogen.
The best GH formula out there I’ve heard of it’s @Not2SureYet’s it’s not the same as the manufacturers but he’s proving very solid results time and time again for years.

Also maybe get a work light to take pictures with a florescent bulb or a cool color temp led bulb.
It’s impossible to tell what’s going on with your plants under grow lights :crying_cat_face:

I don’t know co2 values because I don’t supplement nor do I have a gauge.
@Sirsmokesalot is just getting into it and like I said earlier @Stonedrus runs co2 but I’m sure you can find it pretty easy with a google search to.

Don’t be afraid to bump your feed up a little bit, keep a close eye on tip burn. Your in hydro so your plants will react very fast that’s a double edged sword to be managed appropriately :smirk_cat:

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Thanks @Nicky! Lots of good feedback there. No apologies please, life is busy and best of luck to you on your test.

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As long as my heat pads don’t over heat the fake urin I’ll be fine lol, so stupid cuz they called me the sya after I got home so I smoked two bags off my volcano the night I came home… So now ill fail.
Otherwise I was at work so long I could have passed without a kit l😿