They say aeroponics isn't for beginners

I had to go back and look. Rainharvest industrial filter bag. It’s not for fuel, I was looking at fuel, nylon mesh, all kinds and it got discombobulated in my brain. Sorry. They are are industrial water filters, not for fuel my bad.

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The inline filter behind the motor is from Fresh Water Systems and is a DMfit 3/8.

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Nah, it happens. Lol

And ok that makes more sense for my undeveloped brain. Im think im starting to understand this system better. Ive been scrolling around on here for a bit trying to get a full visual.

I know I can’t get a pic of it all at once. If you want a scavenger hunt, look for all the ways I repurposed a big bag of gray 2inch net collars that I ended not needing. I used them to brace and cushion and secure all kinds of things and they are all over the photos lol.

Glad to help as always, I’m sure @DefNSmokn was just looking out for you as he’s a gear head so he knows a thing or two about fuel filters but water filter sounds good.
Nice to see you drop in @BetrayedSoul feel like it’s been a while since I caught you around the forums.

Anyways @TAGridyFarmer
Don’t defoilate yet we will when your bud sites are a bit more developed, first lollipop then defoilate thankfully your not in soil so your plants will handle it fine.
As for the Curl it seems very minor and isolated so off thst basis I am wondering if it’s minor wind burn? Is a fan nearby?
Plants look good, unfortunately we had thst calcium issue before and this the rust spots that are there to stay.

There is alot of miss information out there on autos and autos themself can be a bit confusing because they fall into that “it depends” world of variables.
Auto genetics from modern top breeders are doing things autos 3-5 years ago would have never happened.
Environmental plays a big roll with autos because they have such a limited veg period.
We won’t dive into everything but being thst your in hydro we will stick to what’s best for your setup and I’ll do my best to be here to guide you through the grow so we can teach each other some new things.

Once your buds grow a bit bigger, normally we would say day 21 of flower but for an auto we gauge it by the bud sites growth, it will be time to lollipop and defloite.
If you want to do some researching you can look into lollipoping and defoilation. We’re just not there yet so we I’ll explain lore when we cross that bridge.

Oh those are two aquavalves.
Here is an animation

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Thanks for the tag @Nicky

I have been on and off a bit, mostly lurking in background as I dont have much time due to work.
I just finished a journal and I am getting ready for next rdwc grow. upgrade this time will be a blulab auto doser.

I do have some fans running. I didn’t think I was gonna need an anemometer lol. Would the extra breeze exacerbate the calcium problems? My BB leaves feel more papery and delicate compared to the Am. Haze, which look and feel more plump and leathery in general. The BB is also twice as tall as the bigger am haze. 32 inches tall BB and Am haze hit 16. I think the big one is ready for some TLC cause she’s is really dense, but I’m not sure what to do. I am going to have to learn the nuance between lollipopin and defoliating. I think I am using the two terms interchangeably and that’s not correct. I asked because I have a goodly amount of leaves that are still spotted but seem to be getting more green and coming back. Only about 5 of the early smaller leaves have curled up and fallen off on their own, but they were all down at the base of the stalk area.

To my knowledge wind does not increase calcium usage, although lighting will exacerbate calcium deficiencys.
It happens to me from time to time not being able to check my grow as often as I would like

I go home Monday night but the damage has been done already, my girl sent me a pic a couple days ago but I spend 14 days at a time away from home.

That’s strange you BB is larger it should be the other way around as far as genetics goes.
Something in your environment is favouring the location of the BB, any thoughts?
Is it the aeroponics setup, lighting, fans, intake or exhaust?

Hold off on the thinning out until after they kick farther into flower.

Yes lollipoping is a form of defoilation.

The am haze seemed stumped a bit as seedlings and didn’t do as well as the BB in the rock wool/mat stage. I had almost acquiesced that they wouldn’t make it, but then they split and both started making two centrals. One is still a bit runty, but the one in front is getting really bushy and growing the fastest of the three. Do self toppers stay shorter? Ima get my wheels spinning about what could be going on in the environment…

I also don’t know how bad it is when you mix you nutrients out of order. I don’t think I mixed the food properly during their juvenile stage either so that might bear some scrutiny also. I got it right now and have noticed super fast growth since they have been on the new food, but the spots keep on moving up to the upper fan leaves.

For the nutrient questions, as with most things… It depends.
For safety let’s say yes, and ensure tis well mixed before adding the next step, give it time to ensure.

There is exceptions to this rule but let’s not go down that rabit hole lol. So that very well. May have been your issue, although if it was then since they all feed from the same Res why didn’t it effect the BB?

Do topped plants stay shorter? More often then not yes but not always.

Topping it’s self is a high stress training technique, which adds benefits if done correctly.
It helps change the plant structure to increase canopy spread by creating two tops rather than one. when the top happens there is an initial pause of growth from the main top it’s self allowing the plant an opportunity to grow outward. This is then followed by a surge of growth hormones which result as increased vertical growth of the new tops.

Some plants produce do much growth hormone from the high stress training thry can out grow the path they were on if they had nit been topped but this is not often the case in my experience although it has happened.

To ensure this is accurate information I’ll have a mod clarify.
@dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower

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Just to be clear I didn’t top them and have never done anything more to manipulate them other than some leaf tucking. They are just growing like I did top them with shears. I have read about that phenomenon and it seems to be stress induced early on. Maybe I have the wrong idea about that but I have a tall indica dominant and a couple short bushy sativas…doesn’t make sense. I also don’t know why two out of the three have some rust spots, but I have one that just looks healthier in general and I cannot explain what that’s about,

In the above pic you sent with the calcium deficit, did she make it to harvest and was she still a quality producer or am I working with a lost cause situation?

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Oh don’t sweat the calcium deficiency it’s a regular occurrence around here on the forums Hahaha!

I’m going home Monday night so I’ll snap a pic and show you mine if you show me yours :smile_cat:

My first indoor plant did the same self topping and I major stressed it (photo and it produced well for a first time indoor soil grower with sub par everything haha)

Moral, live and learn and truck on. It’s rare to cut your losses with cannabis and we will let you know if it’s time.
Ussualy a runt that won’t grow even when given a chance or bud rot… Or bad spider might infection

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@Nicky gave you good information.

The thing is you are more than likely working with hybridized plants and phenotypes express themselves differently in every plant. Same with calcium def. Some plants are very calcium hungry and others…not so much.

Self-topping I suspect has more to do with a bit of tip burn on sensitive new growth with a response that you saw.

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Covert, I finally saved up about 20ml of runoff and tested it. It’s going in at 6.0 right now and coming out at 5.8. It’s getting less acidic correct? Does that make sense/seem normal? It will be repeated to see if I get a consistent .2 change over time which would give me some degree of control and predictability in my res if that’s the case. Good idea man thanks.

I got the big light up and have been watching the system run for awhile. The BD600 watts has my tent running at 85 degrees, and the humidity is leveling out around 50 to 55 percent but the exhaust fans are definitely running more often. Co2 intervals are good and don’t seem to be running much more often.oddly. What should I be on the look out for with the increased light. Can the increase itself be a stress?

And Nicky thanks for all the help and good advice you have been awesome man.


If its going down, its becoming more acidic. If your ph is falling its acidic, if its rising its alkaline. In hydro a flux from 6 to 5.8 is fine. The ideal ph level in hydro is 5.8 with a threshold between 5.5 to 6.5. Ill let one of the others confirm, and take over from here.

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Thanks Def. It’ been flattering how much of an interest a lot of you guys have taken in my little project. I feel like I don’t wanna let you guys down now.

I’m starting to understand Nicky’s autopot set up too. Once I understood it was basically an automated ebb and flow it made a lot of sense. I’m learning a lot and if continuing what I’m doing doesn’t make sense it’s nice to know of some other successful reliable hydro alternatives.



@DefNSmokn has you. I keep my hydro between 5.7-6. Mayne 6.1 on a bad day but I really aim to keep it at 5.8 all the time from what I have gathered it’s ideal, if calcium becomes and issue you can raise it to 6 or 6.2 but I really wouldn’t go past 6.2 personally.
There are tons of charts out there with similar ranges and a couple reviews of how big commercial stuff is ran your PH adjuster will keep you honed in though.

As for your light
The first bit keep an eye out for light burn, it’s honestly rare, to avoid this out your hand on the top of your canopy and close your eyes. Think about how warm the back of your hand is from the light. If it’s to Hot for you it’s to hot for your plants. If it’s warm then your plants will fatten up while sun tanning all day.
Your plants will become more calcium hungry with increased lighting, keep a close eye on that it usually gets worse mid to late flower.

Also your welcome, I’m here to learn as well and your learning me good lol.
A friend told me to get into aeroponics and I’m soooo glad I didn’t right now because it looks expensive and complicated haha so I’m going to enjoy the show from the sidines. I don’t think ever step away from autopots, I’ve ran them indoors and outdoors, they are cheap, reliable and maintained only once a grow.

Im excited for you to get your first grow under your belt because the second one you’ll start to shine and we can watch it from seed drop.

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(upload://6VWA0MMtrG6exaHwkzRWP1T7IdA.jpeg) ![image|375x500

I couldn’t get any good shots of my growth from this week… I’ll try again later. I managed to take some snaps of my drain assembly for those of you trying to picture the whole build.


So I just took some snaps with the new light on no flash and it took better snaps than it did in the dark with a flash. I don’t know if the pics make the growth rate apparent but they seem to be racing to me right now.


I tried to identify anything in the environment that would have favored the BB. The only thing I can think of is it is closest to the C02 intake, but the perforated feed line runs all around the perimeter of the tent, above the plants so that the gas can fall and get pushed around by the fans. I went back and looked at my notes. I put them all in rock wool at the same time. I put the BB in the aero system about 5 days before the others. I used dipped cubes and put them in a dome/seed mat. Once I saw a root poke through the bottom they moved into the net pots. So…smaller am haze plants didn’t show me roots in the mist until 12 days after the BB. That’ is most likely the reason they have grown at different rates I think, but I wanted to pitch it to you guys.

Along those same lines I am due for a nute change tomorrow. I have three plants all feeding off of the same Rez and only one is flowering. They have been on the transitional formula this past week. Should I continue transitional and favor the smaller plants, or would you start to push some bloom food in for the plant that is larger and let the others adapt? I don’t know if there is a right answer to this predicament just looking for how you guys would rationalize and flip the coin…