They say aeroponics isn't for beginners

Greetings. I’m new to the forum and a first time grower who jumped straight into TAG aeroponics. My goal was to design and assemble a high pressure aero system that would allow me to grow from seed to harvest. During June and July, I read, and studied, and shopped for my system components. My first purchase was an ILGM auto mix pack. When August hit, I was assembling my tent, building my root chambers and reservoir, and began running trials. After tweaking everything into a suitable environment, I popped some seeds. I germinated and watched 23 seeds sprout up and die over the weeks that followed, but I eventually managed to get three beauties to sink some roots down into the mist by late September. Currently I have a 2ft tall blueberry auto thats bushy and flowering, along with two amnesia haze that are close to a foot tall and starting to stretch. Every day of this has been a learning experience and I am really enjoying the challenge. Is anyone else here experienced with high pressure aeroponics? I’d love to know what you think and perhaps find some people to lean on when the growing gets rough.


There are a limited amount of members here that have grown high pressure and low pressure aeroponics. @Jstar is one think.
I have a system that I haven’t used yet. Had lack of separate grow space for the noise of it all. New location now.
I would love if you posted some pictures of your set up, and plants with root porn are always welcomed.
Welcome to the forum!


I grow in my Aeroponic system. It is low pressure though. Happy to answer any questions I can.


Another new member just joined and is in byhe and is in the process of building their 4plant SCOG system.
If you go to there thread you can click on a tab below to change it from normal to watching

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Nice to meet you guys! Thanks for the kind words and advice. I’ll try and get some pics up, my big girl is going strong but has enough damaged fan leaves that she kinda has some fall colors. I’m hoping they might be more photogenic soon…

My setup:

3x3 tent
4in. intake fan with carbon filter.
6in. exhaust fan with dual carbon filter (one inside tent and one at the exhaust end)
BlackDog 200 (18/6)
Autopilot CO2/20lb tank.
Recirculating Aero plumbing…
Coleman Cooler Reservoir (has an air stone bubbler that I use to stir my nute solution when I mix or top off). A 3/8 gauge line draws solution through a 10 micron fuel filter bag inside the tank, then solution is drawn through a torushydro inline which is installed on top of the lid, it is not inside the nute solution. The 3/8 line runs into the tent. I also installed a probe style aquarium cooler and it keeps my solution between 15.5C and 16.2C. Temperature controller runs the probe.

I installed an extra inline filter right before the line runs into an Aquatec8800, check valves, pressure switch, acc. tank, pressure gauge, and drain switches, etc., all screwed and mounted onto a wood board that sits on a thick foam cushion inside of a short rubbermaid tub. The line after the accumulator tank switches to 1/4 gauge which runs to the solenoid/misters. Securing everything to a wood structure minimizes vibration that can spring leaks in the connections, and the foam cushion reduces noise and vibration. You can barely hear the motor.
Root chambers are two Coleman coolers with four, 4in. net pots. Rockwool above smooth river stones in my cups.
Current spray interval: 320 seconds off/5 seconds on.
PH 5.8-6.0 and has not budged.

In my current setup, I have very limited access to my roots and I have not opened the root chamber for about two and a half weeks. I do not plan on doing so unless I absolutely have to. Root porn may have to wait until the chop, but I want to peek also.


I can’t wait to see pics of all this stuff, it’s new to me.

Man, I am so stoked for this grow! I hope you log on here often and keep us all updated! I know zilch about aeroponics, so im just here for an education and a good time! Lol welcome!!!

Btw I love your profile name! Atleast, I hope im not mistaking the reference. :man_shrugging:

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The pic of the unassembled pump stuff was when I was trying to put it together, but you get the idea of how it fits inside the bin. The rest I just took real quick so sorry for crappy pics. You kinda get the idea of how its all set up. Lemme know if you have any questions or input.

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I use a two container setup, mist- drain to reservoir aeroponic system I built.

I wanted to be able to do top offs without disturbing the plants so that’s where it ended up. Low pressure high volume pump tho

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We are going to have to get you some new lights my friend…

Those won’t do

I love your k tank holder lol!

Thanks man. What’s wrong with my lights?

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What light is that, how big is your space and how many plants do you plan to grow?

I think he said a 3x3 tent. And that light if it’s right one I found. Is a 210w actual power draw. Black dog phyto max2-200. Number of plants is on him to answer lol

Thanks @Joshmcginnis28 been bouncing around alot so didn’t see that.

Let’s see what he says.
That light would do 1 plant so maybe he’s growing one plant in that 3x3 it wiuld be a decent setup.

If he’s going to run 2 in his 3x3 he should boost the lighting.

Let me know what your thinking @Joshmcginnis28

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@Nicky No problem, I like when I can help with the easy stuff since I don’t have my first grow under belt lol but I do read constantly .

Ya I agree. personally, I’d only do one. Maybe 2 if I vegged them super short.

It states on the light max flower 3x3
So 210 w divided by the 9 sqr ft area = 23.3 w per square ft. I think dbrn mentions around 25 is usually what shoot for at least. Could be wrong

I can’t believe it’s a 630$ light. Thinking dang I can cover much more than a 3x3 pretty strongly for that much.

Yes 25w is correct.

Yeahhh lights are a scam. Unless you know what your looking for it’s unfortunate because for that money he could have got a really nice hlg.
Or a kingbrite for next to nothing.


I agree. And look at these ppfd on it

Feel bad being a bearer of bad news . But I guess that’s how you learn. Should be illegal to sell for that much. I mean yes it will grow bud just man the money is insane.

Yeah that’s very unfortunate.
I just looked at it and knew it was not very good you know?

Good digging @Joshmcginnis28 I’m. Sure op will appreciate that, at least we will to provide guidance.


Lol me too but figured I’d at least look at specs and try to see if there is a positive. But really it made it worse bc then saw price.