They looking good for 2 weeks grow now

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

looking at the picture I sent you are they looking good for 2 weeks grow now?


For being two weeks old they look absolutely wonderful if I may say you should join our forum and we will be more than happy to help you get the results you’re looking for :wink: Keep up the good work


Well done so far!! As @Hogmaster said join the forum
We have a great community of growers with so much collective knowledge and always willing to help out!!
Happy growing


Thank you for the feed back as was not sure if that was about good size for 2weeks. I haven’t yet given them any feed of yet

Thanks I have joined the forum and will be a great help as I am new to this


Welcome to forum. Lots of great growers eager to help. If you specifically want to ask a certain person, place an @ before their name & that will tag them. I personally dont start nutes till ive got 4-5 true sets of leaves.
Happy Growing!


Hey there @ritz and welcome to the best Mj forum in the world, this is all about community and helping each other out through our up,s and downs, your plants look brilliant what strains are they? :v:

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Hello Johnzy

Thank you. They are banana Kush and gorilla glue 4 I believe and yes this forum has been helpful


I have some GG#4 but they are auto’s I will be starting them soon, a tip I got from on off the experts that did on the forum is that that love lots off Cal-Mag :v:️. What nutrients and medium are you using and light system.

I used BiozBizz Allmix and mixed a ratio of 1:3 of perlite to soil. First all the seeds got germinatied in my boiler cupboard because it’s warm, they were under 2x 18w CFL lights, the light cycle was 20/4. After 1 week I set up a grow tent and put all the seedlings that made it under a 600w HPS light, one fan with very small force directly on the plants and also another stronger fan blowing inbetween the light hood and the plants, Also changing the light cycle to 18/6. The temperature averages around 27-28DC. No fertiliser/feed has been used yet, the soil will have enough to last for now. They also got repotted from small peat pots to 3L pots when they moved into the tent. Just watered with bottled water 2/3 times a day lightly. Hope that helped!

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I am to buddy its gonna be a fun experience
Keep up the good work here and welcome to the forum too!!

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