They have finally sprouted!

So 7/10 have sprouted an have leaves on them. Two 600w HM lights at 30” above the photo

What next?



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Just keep doing what you’re doing until the pros on here tell ya different. Lol. Seriously tho fill out the support ticket as best u can. The pros need all the info they can get to assist you the best they can.


Keep them growing bigger pot later like 2 weeks

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Dude, unfortunately, you cant smoke em yet :wink:
but this is the fun part. they get big so fast.
Keep posting, we love to follow along


Day 4

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Do you mean MH as in metal halide? If so, you really don’t need 1200 watts of metal halide for that group of seedlings, even 1 MH at 600 watts is quite overkill for sprouts.


Yes I mean HM.
Have backed down to 1 HM


I agree one metal halide plenty for time being. Your soil looks a little too wet as well. Let them dry out a little before watering again, then apply small amount around outer edge of cup. This will encourage root development and get your plants growing little more quickly.

How big of a humidifier should I use for my grow tent? It’s 8*4

At least a 20 to 30 pint a day

@Hellraiser. When should I change from 24 hours light to 18/6 days?

I usually go 18/6 after a week or so above ground.

Do I Ph my water when adding nutrients?