They have been this way for 7 weeks

Use fox farm trio. Less water more water, epsom salt. No change just got bigger

I can’t be sure under the blurple lights but can you wipe off all that white stuff? It looks a little like mildew

What’s the temperature inside tent
What’s humidity inside tent?

It looks like trichomes to me. But yeah, a natural light pic would help.

That’s what I’m hoping for 4sure I hate wpm

Pinch this area and see if it smells

Just a squeeze really.

I’m sorry…I can’t read this without thinking of a creepy old uncle type character.

Lmao :face_vomiting:
Pinch squeeze tickle

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65 to 70 and 55 ish humidity


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Stanky like the aroma of the plant

White stuff stays that ain’t any mildew problem lol

It’s the yellow leaves that make me nervous… nothing dies they just stay that way