They have become VERY dry

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I had a nice harvest, only one plant but it’s yield was good. My first by the way. I cleaned etc. Put them in Mason Jars. One problem since I put them in the jars they have become VERY dry. some friends I gave it to complained “it’s just too dry.” what did I do wrong and what can I do to correct the current harvest.

This may have been as a result of climate where you are. how long did you dry it for before you put it in the jar

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you can get humidor packs. I would look for 62% and you put in the jar and will help remoisten. I have in the past glue a sponge to the top of the lid. Moisten the sponge make sure it isn’t dripping water. Things should rehydrate fairly quickly with the sponge. Just be careful not too have it too wet and keep an eye on it so not to sprout mold.


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As @Mrpostman asked How dry was the room you dried buds in humidity wise and how did you complete the drying process
You can as @Smokin_ernie mentioned try putting
Bovida packs im jars

Heres a link hope it helps


I’d agree I use the bodeva packs in my jars after I dry em. I usually will let a few buds sit out all night if I’m gonna roll one so it’s easier it break down.

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Or if you can’t grab the boveda pack you can put a banana :banana: peal in your jars but be careful to the RH (a small humidity meter in your jars will be great to have) IMG_20180105_125221IMG_20180105_161934