They got too cold

So in this icebox called the southern US my WW AF got cold. Too cold. Rolling blackouts. They look like they are dying.

They have flowered but not ready to harvest.

How long to I wait to see if they will recover?

So cold my gallon water jug froze solid. It got to -6 overnight with no power.

Leaves were yellow before…had lockout.

Can’t answer your question but got to say I feel for you. To get that far and have Mother Nature stomp on you sucks. Minus 11 here last night and have been worried about your situation. Hope you get an answer and hope they have a chance.

I guess if they don’t come back I’ll harvest what I can and make the most of it. Can’t change it so make lemonade…

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I have been waiting to lose power in TX too, but I am safe so far. Had a plan to move them from garage to inside if we lost power. My hunch is that slowly bringing the temp up will be better than exposing them to high dry heat to warm them quickly. Rapid fixes usually cause another problem…

I’m so sorry, that sucks! I’d be devastated. I think all of us have the same worry. I was even considering investing in a non gas back-up generator for this very reason.

As others have said, maybe you can salvage some of it. Sorry again for your loss :frowning:

It what it is. Ill.grow more.

If I harvest early it will be higher in CBD?

I believe you get higher concentrations of CBD and CBN later in more mature buds. I was curious to grow high CBD specimens for more of the medicinal properties. There is still lots of research being done on CBN.

That is a real shame @TheScot. I, too, live by the mantra, “It is what it is.”

Best of luck to you.

I think I would be more concerned with whether or not the plants themselves froze solid. And I would be concerned about humidity. When your plants thawed out, were you able to bring the humidity in your grow tent back to a reasonable level? Did they still get any light?

If your plants did not freeze, and you were able to bring them back to normal temps, see if they recover. I regularly expose my plants too cold temperatures. But I also make sure they keep getting enough light.

They might recover. If they don’t, just harvest and get them down to an rh in the 40-50% range and watch out for mold from moisture.

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They were below zero all night. I’m just babysitting them and letting them do what they will. Keep the air moving and it will be what it is

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how far into flower are they. those tops look pretty mature.

I don’t know how to answer that.

The trichomes are still clear.

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Had to do the rest of the plants look?

Well, they did not come around. I let them go as long as I could. Some of the trichomes were cloudy. Most clear.

I harvested and wet trimmed. Now drying.

We shall see.

I now have a spot for a cabinet where I can heat them. Not sure how to cool them yet.

I use a small personal space swamp cooler to cool my tents in garage in summer. I run one small one in the tent on a timer and I run one constantly in the garage to keep it below 90 in the garage.

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