They Do Work To Get Your Order To You


Hello There,
I have to say This ? They Do Work To Get Your Order To You.
I was in the same way Where’s My Order. The First One Did Not Make It But They Resent It To Me and two Weeks it was here. Before this last Order I had NO Problems at ALL. I just have to say Shipping Company’s aren’t all that. There’s Bad in Everything and Everywhere. Yes They Do Make you wait that 30 business days and that takes the time but I did get my order.
The products are good here and just know Shit Happens…
Thanks for Get it to me.



I received a package on the 4/2/15 placed 3/2215 no beans inside green taped I felt violated by The Powers that Be.Msged Claire she responded she told me it would be addressed.and reshipment patiently waiting. Do we want our product hell yeah we do. But in same instance we should understand the Govment do not play fair. They’re probably growing all that fire and selling it back to us in some form or fashion. But call us low life’s and criminals.