They call it the taco


Need some help here! I have to autos that are in the first stages of flower and a handful of leaves at the top of the plant are curling up. I heard that a lot of people say it looks like a taco and it does hahaha. But what is the cause of this in your guys and girls opinion? Growing indoor in soil its a mix I was told that would work great. Its mainly Promix mixed with a 1/4 fox farm soil my be ocean mix and some worm castings. My light is 1000 watt hps temps in the room are 78 and the leaves at the top of the plant the surface is 80. My hood is about 2 to 2 1/2 foot way scared I may be giving to much light at there stage. humidity is kind of dry kind of a battle on that part due to it being winter here and having to run a space heater to keep temps up. Using Root organics nuts( player pack) following the feeding schedule and mix ratio. the room is a semi sealed room that has one small vent to let fresh air in but not a ton. this plant that I am talking about I also think I may of watered it to heavy last time. I did notice the problem occur that bad until I soaked it down more than I should of it think. plenty poured out of the bottom of the pot. I did drain the tray under the plant though. Ph is 5.6 to 5.8 when I feed I believe that is in the ballpark that I need to be. I am sure I could of gave more info but that’s about it for now but hopefully that is enough to go off of for someone to give me a decent guess. Thanks any input on this will be great I need to get it in check Thanks again


I haven’t hear or seen that post a pic


So is soil medium? … If yes, the pH needs to be around 6.5-6.8, definitely a picture in natural light will help us to see how she’s doing!Nutrient_Chart2


I am not sure how to upload a picture on here! site is kinda hard for me to figure out and have not been on here long


Oh wow I have my Ph off! cause I am running at the highest is 5.8 that isn’t good well that is one problem to fix and yes the medium is soil.
And I would load a pic but I am not sure how to do it on here. Me and computers don’t get along.


What do you think of a potassium deficiency???


Was wondering if is not a potassium deficiency as well whats your view on that?


@pickles honestly it would b real hard to tell you without pictures. The taco affect might b from over watering but we would have to see the size and color of your leaves to give an accurate analysis. On the bottom right corner of the screen when texting will b a UPLOAD press that and it will let you pull a photo from your photos of on a laptop I don’t know if it takes pics otherwise you would have to export from your phone to your computer to the page. Nobody can answer you without really seeing it. Sound like you may have heat issues and the vent letting fresh air in please filter it or your gonna get mites or something on your plant. I made that mistake and it’s heartbreaking killing for giant plants cuz mites took over almost over night and I couldn’t get rid of them because more were coming in through my vent. Once I filtered the vent haven’t had that problem. Just an FYI weed don’t like to b soaked you don’t ever want muddy dirt unless your flushing. And skip a day watering if you have to sometime. Things change with the weather


If you use your phone (I only use my phone)!
After you hit the reply button, in the right corner (down) you have the upload button. Hit that… Choose what you want to put here… Wait until the picture is “saved”/uploaded (you should see a lot of characters) then hit the reply button again


I’m thinking light stress. Without photo’s and a support ticket, all one can do is speculate


A picture would help us determine what is going on
As far as ph if in soil ph as @M4ur mentioned should be 6.3-6.8
The ph 5.6 is to low
And will cause a lock out at which point most of your nutrients will Be blocked So yeah a potassium deficiency can be one of the signs
Can you water till run off and collect that to test ?
Are leaves getting bleached


Yep that’s the only real time I seen it taco myself, heat heat heat


Hahaha since I posted that had been meaning to come back and put a “/“ after light and put “heat.” Thanks @Sirsmokes