They are looking happy

They are looking real happy with the hlg 650r light not even turned up all the way.


Look at em pray. :100::v: They’re loving it


Look great. I bought an hlg 350r, and quickly found out full power is probably to much. I switched to it in the 7th week of flowering, and got foxtails soon after.

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@Vtbudz they certainly do!

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I want my plants to pray too…

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Have my evening planned with these two ILGM autos get to trim and weight them and into grove bags for the cure then off to get some more started happy growing all may your buds be fat and taste as good as they smell.


It just takes enough light to get em feelin’ like they should shift the leaves a bit. Sometimes it’s hard because they don’t read all spectrums the same and not every plant has the same threshold for light. I’ve got some always praying and others who never do - gluttons for punishment.


Holy mackerole.

Yeah been real fortunate with ilgm auto seeds but gonna try out some devil cream auto from another breeder @GrnyGrows

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What is foxtailing exactly I’ve been hearing it alot and my crop is in flower it’s lsd 48 days into flowering


What are your 3 fav ILGM and why?

1 Gelato auto I like the fruit taste and the high it gives me to relax but still coherent 2 zkittlez auto gives a nice energy high 3 purple Kush autoflower this one is my favorite this one here gives me a really good night sleep

Foxtailing is where the calaxys start stretching out away from the bud. This bud was starting to foxtail. It can be caused by light stress, heat stress, and probably any kind of stress. Sativa strains tend to do it genetically.


@GrnyGrows and also all three were easy enough to grow in soil now I’m trying coco coir out.

So basically when the tips point out not just up and uniform correct?? Mines still tight and tucked I

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Yes the calyces grow un-even and on top of each other versus uniformly and round to produce the bud. Not uncommon for Sativa strains :love_you_gesture:

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Pretty much. Yours look fine.

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Thanks for taking a look

Keep us up to date – as you compare the mediums.

Will do @GrnyGrows