Theses are my 5 week old girls. Do I start nutes?

I have a NL and Blueberry haze going right now. 5 weeks old ffof soil with coco and perlite. Have only fed ph 6.7 water. I am thinking of giving some cal-mag next feeding 1/2 strength. Can I start to slowly add nutes now? I have had a lot of trouble with nute burn before with autos.

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I hate to ask this on your post but any way you can tell me where on this dam site I go to make a post like this and ask a question maybe I’m just stupid but I been looking all morning and can’t find a creat forum topic anywhere your also the most recent post so I figure youl respond quicker new to using forums again I apologize I have some NL issues as well :disappointed:

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Click the New Topic in the middle of the page. Then it should let you create a post. Good luck. Hope it works.


When you’re completely new to the site you have to “like” a couple things, spend some time reading & poke a round. The idea is to get rid of bots and trollers basically I believe. Welcome aboard and throw @ symbol to tag a person.
Man those are 5 weeks old I need your secret, Holy moly very nice man.


That top pic I’d throw some half grow half bloom nutes in. Looks as if it should be going through the stretch

Thanks, 2nd grow, updated my lights and am very pleased. Finally have the watts per sq ft down this grow.

Definitely heading for the stretch it has grown alot in 3 days. They have never had nutes yet do I do 1/4 strength?

What brand nutes, how big a pot, how much coco?

ff nutes, 3gal pot 10%perilite 20%coco 70% ffof

First run some plain ph water through first to test runoff. But the second picture looks a little depleted. I’ve never used foxfarms products but I grow in coco so I feed from the beginning. Top pic I’d say 1/4 strength of grow and bloom. That’s where auto growers make a mistake, start feeding bloom nutrients at stretch when what they really are needing is more grow some bloom

Wait…that’s 5 weeks from seed?

Yes it is.