These will most certainly get bud rot. I’m in a pickle

Hello wonderful guy and gal Mary Jane connoisseurs. My issue is this. I’ve lost a couple gold leafs to bud rot this year and god has graced us with nearly 100mm of rain and 97 percent humidity these last couple days. These conditions are far worse then what created rot on the other plants so I’m
Terrified it’s almost a certainty here as well. I’ve already trimmedy one stem with a rotting flower last week and luckily none has returned yet but after this weather I’m thinking it’s going to. My question is. These have about 3-4 weeks left maybe. How bad is the smoke gonna be if I have to pull them super early? I know it’ll
Create mostly a head high which is fine as long as it’s not a paranoia horrible experience high. Any insights? Will post a pic here in a minute

Can you do a partial harvest so that you get something? Do it smart and open the plants up the same time maybe? I would also suggest, during peak humidity or rain, mist plants with a dilute mixture of H2O2 (3% peroxide, 1/4 liter per 4 liters of distilled water). This will kill mold spores but will put moisture back into the flower. That’s why I suggest peak humidity to spray it as you’re already there haha! Peroxide dissipates into O and water so no residue either.


I’ve heard about peroxide mixtures like this for rot. Thank you, I’ll give it a try today


Also knowing you have bud rot endemic to your climate; plan to wash your harvest in a peroxide/water solution. This will remove mold and mold spores certainly present inside flower. Then rinse and drip dry before going through normal drying post-harvest.


With the mist spray. Looks like rain 9 days in a row. Does it need to be dry? Will the rain just wash the spray out?

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First, I don’t know if it will work but every day it rains I’d spray the plants with peroxide solution. Get plants out of direct rainfall too.