These seeds have not arrived

I AM FURIOUS! So I made an order on October 12th, I emailed them on November 13th and they said I would have it on November 18th and I quote ‘at its latest’ lol. I have given them an email and they have mailed me back saying ‘I’m sorry to hear your order didn’t arrive though, at this point we can send out a reshipment but since you’ve been sick of waiting already I could also give you a refund at this point. Let me know what you’d like, if you still want a reshipment please submit your address.’ So I sent them my adress just asking for another shipment to go through. They said ‘All right we will send it out shortly’ And no email back saying your order has been sent out or anything, I would like a new order number so I know its legit? If your going to screw around a person for this long might aswell chuck in a few more seeds lol, wouldnt hurt. If you dont like what im saying, I honestly dont give 2 cents, I just want my seeds. Youd be angry if youd been waiting 53 days m888. VICTORIA AUSTRALIA

Look I would love this site, but they have not made ME, a CUSTOMER, happy at all. I payed $90 bux for those seeds thats why im angry, I havnt seen nothing.

did you have them sent stealth, customs is the problem, i went through the same as you ,with my first lot, (not from here) its very frustrating I know, and all you can do is wait. hang in there , they will get through .

Well in shipping they said they’d have it sent like that?.. So I just assumed it would be…
Im sick of waiting man :tired_face:

Hi there, the re-shipment confirmation email got stuck. Sorry for that. Your order was re-shipped under the same order number as the original. I sent you an email. I assume that this one will fly through customs :slight_smile:

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Hope so. Cheers.

just hold on a little more … ship to there is like shipping to AK . it takes a few but they’ll arrive . :grin: and trust me youll love the product … i know i do … .keep calm and keep us posted .were all here to help. peace
Hammer .

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