These plants are 8 weeks old

First grow-just topped them last weekend -they had 8 nodes by my count fwiw
Is it time to switch the lights to flower ?


Considering how little space you have I’d flip them


How much room do you have from top of the canopy to the light if you are only in a 5ft tall tent id flip as mentioned above you can always throw a net over them also and tuck them under and veg a little bit longer or net and flip which is what I’d lean towards

Give them a good pruning before flip and LST them

the tent is 6 ft tall

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what is LST? I topped them, what other pruning is needed?

LST -Low Stress Training, meaning tying branches down to control canopy and direction of growth

There is about 20 inches to the light

Yeah id definitely recommend a trellis net and weave them through the net and flip you are gonna have a rough time keeping them from hitting the light I feel especially if they stretch alot during flower its always important to keep in mind that these plants can stretch upward to 3ft sometimes not saying yours will but its always possible also can you raise youre lights any or are they up as far as they will go?

A 6 foot tent is not big when you can grow a single plant that is over 8 feet tall and grows 2 feet outside a 4x4x80” tent.


If you only have 6 feet then you might have to use LST. Tie down the taller branches so they’re at about the same height as next row of branches. But yeah flip them asap as they will nearly double in height once they go into flower.

Low stress training refers to various methods of tying your plant down to reduce height and produce more topsites or colas. As for pruning its best lollipop or remove all leaves from bottom 1/3 of plant. And also a good idea to remove large upper fan leaves that may be blocking prime bud sites.