These plants are 2 months old, I have another plant half the size. How tall should these plants be?

I bought some super shrunk seeds back in late June. Used water to germinate seeds and planted in small pots beginning of July.

Soil is miracle grow. Water is rain water.

I think I planted my plants to late. Mine have been outside all there life they had light for 12-13 hours a day unless it rained. One plant wilted away the 1st week don’t know why. I waited about a month to replant to bigger pots. I see it should have been about 2 weeks or so. This is my 1st time growing so learning a lot. I lost another plant with fertilizer and leaves off another you’ll see in the picture. I have one that looks and smells real good only problem is it’s 10-11” tall.

So I need help in growing them taller.

These plants are 2 months old, I have another plant half the size. How tall should these plants be.

Any help would be appropriated.


I hear miracle grow is the wrong soil to grow in ,can u get your hands on fox farm happy frog or ocean forest

First grow is always a big learning experience.
Here is a thread on MG soil and its drawbacks.

There are many better choices for bagged soil.

There are also a lot of grows with mg that are fantastic, some people use it just to show what can be done with it. I myself used it back in 2002 from seed and had great results. I used it back then to pee off some people on a now closed forum that use to insult new users for using it and saying it won’t work then the name calling.

Would I recommend it, no, but if that is all you have access to, it’s better than nothing.


The problem is stated, plants started too late. They didn’t have enough time to veg and flowered as soon as they were mature enough. The exact size in plants will vary based on genetics and how each plant is cared for. But if op wants bigger plants they need to see when best time of year is to start outdoor plants in their specific area. Starting them indoors ahead of that time will help too.


I still have seeds and will try to grow next March indoors for a few weeks than plant outside. Looks like I need different soil. I live in Florida so I get a lot of sunlight and rain at times. Will try another 5 seeds to see if I learned anything.

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I can get the happy frog soil, so I guess mg fertilizer is not good either. Tried it on one plant and leaves turned yellow brown and dropped off and I had a stem left.
I’m going to try in March again. Put what I learn to the next group.