These look horrible

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with these.
Soil- Miracle-Gro seed starter blue bag
Humidity- 50%
Temp- 75
2 are 3 weeks today (top and bottom pic) and one is 2 weeks today (middle pic).
Light cycle is 18/6
Strain- white widow
Started Rapid Start 2 days ago
These are not autoflower

Please help! I’m beginning to think they are defective and I need to start over. I have 5 seeds left of white widow. What should I do? I’m a first time indoor grower

I would mist, cover with a clear cup for humidity dome. Then wait. They don’t look so bad, just growing roots instead.

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They’ll be fine. They look healthy. Mist them a couple of times a day like @bryan is recommending. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to “dome” them with a couple of clear cups when they’re this young. I keep mine under a plant starter dome for the first couple of weeks @Rickandbobbyd

Yeah these are 3 and 2 weeks old. They should be bigger shouldn’t they

If they’re not autos, transplant them to a better soil and they’ll take off. I mix my own super hot soil, but I start seedlings in Fox Farm Light Warrior. They don’t look burned though. They probably should be bigger, so it’s soil or pH. They sure don’t need nutrients when they’re that small.

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Thanks man


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Donaldj this is a duplicate thread. The OP got his questions answered on another thread he started.

Don’t despair, I’ve had WW seedlings showing deformed leaves after sprouting (because the seed husk got kinda stuck and the seedling just couldn’t liberate itself from that block-off, and the leaves which remained occluded looked odd, different from ordinary normal leaves) and I’ve other cases the leaves are just that way like in the pictures, but finally the plants grew well.
Some spraying of rooting hormones solution once a week could be of help.
I’m sure that in some time they’ll grow bigger and with new leaves and eventually they’ll look better. GIve them some more time please.

Some of the leaves will come out looking like that never had any issues they are building the root system that’s why they’re taking so long as they were saying if you transplant they’ll end up taking off on you I would wait another week and then do it just cut them out of those containers carefully and transplant look we don’t over water feel free to ask if you have any questions put a @ inf front of name no space :wink:

When plants look like yours do and stall out like they are… its usually do to overwatering… :wink:
Get your watering dialed in and you should be good to go… :wink: