These look awful

thats fine, but the bigger the pot the bigger the yield. you should be ok

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Thanks for the info @daddydays. I’ll keep you updated!!

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:+1: just remember,its all trial and error

@daddydays I have them under cfl 6500k 2 bulb. I’m gonna transplant and put under bigger light and let them go. I hope they make it. I have 2 huge bags of fox farm ocean forest so that’s what I’m gonna use. I won’t use any nutes for a while though. I want to save them. But if I can’t, I have 5 more seed and will start over. Thanks man

fyi 6500k are good for veg but when the flower change them out to 2700k cfl.

Not sure who told you that Happy Frog is bad but, and this is just in my and quite a few others on this site’s observation, Happy Frog is a really good soil. I have heard of some having bugs, but that happens if soil is old or was not stored well.

My current grow, The Force is Strong in this one! was Happy Frog from the start and you can see the results I got ! ! This is the first time I have used Happy Frog and I am sold on it. Never used Strawberry Fields but love the Beatles song of that name.

I am not sure of your source for seeds but it can be a seed problem.

Soil that is too “Hot” can cause all kinds of problems also. The Miracle Grow, in my experience, can cause those type of growing problems. New seedlings do not need any nutrients until they loose their baby leaves on the bottom or later.

Sometimes the plant just gets a bad start for whatever reason and will grow out of it. I have burned several seedlings in the past with different soils but now I believe I have the one I want.

Hope this is what you are looking for. If not I am always around. :us: :man_farmer:

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Ocean Forest is a great soil and so is Happy Frog. My advice was to transplant into HF because the seedlings are currently sitting in fertilizer rich soil. That should attenuate it and still be near correct PH range for soil. The plants can exhibit this behaviour after being exposed to too much fertilizer at too early an age. There are other causes too but this is almost certainly what is happening. It’s a common mistake and one we see a lot of. I grew my first plants in MG. Learned my lesson lol.


@TxGrowman I got my seeds from ILGM

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Yep, transplant into better soil and better pots. Those darn jiffy pots hang onto water and Cannabis doesn’t do well with that. Let the soil dry out before you transplant or you’ll have a tough time getting the roots out intact. It’s a good bet they’ll recover and take off under the right condition. I start mine with no humidity dome and an humidity of about 30% and they do fine.

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That pretty much takes the genetics problem out of it. Robert’s seeds are the best I have used. Transplant into better media and watch the watering should do the job.

Lol :joy: its not funny :joy: but don’t stress ok it’s just a bit of a spaz it will grow out of it trust me I’ve had plenty of seedlings look like that even ones that sprout with two tips!!so just hang in there thay will come good :blush:

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Rick welcome to ILGM
I see you have met some of our members and all have done an awesome job in helping you out here and that`s what i love about it here.

Any way when you go to transplant remove all the soil from the plant. I always have a bowl of water here by to rinse the soil off the roots.,
I also mix up 2 or 3 cap fills of hydrogen peroxide and some Root stimulant 2 cap and or Liquid Thrive. 1 cap and soak the. Holes first Anand then transplant tuck them in and soak again and you don, it just helps the little seedlings to get started and not go into shock.




@daddydays So, after speaking with you and a few others, I did what was said to do. I transplanted my babies out of the miracle grow and jiffy pots and into Fox Farm Ocean Forest. I did this on Saturday. I am definitely seeing a lot better drainage, and I have to say, compared to my previous pictures, they are doing and feeling a whole lot better! Now, should I use some rapid start to be sure I get good root growth, or leave them alone for now? Also, when should I move them to my bigger light. Thanks y’all

Pics from 8:30 a.m EST today (4/23/2018) USA:


I would stick with just water still. I use ffof and the ffof trio exclusively . And I don’t have to feed till flower . So I know they have enough nutes for at least 4 weeks after transplant.
But I do go solo cup , 1 gallon, to 7gall.
With fresh ffof every pot up.

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Mate that will come good don’t feed them just yet just water :sweat_drops: and when you see the new set of hands comes out give em a feed them thay will take longer to get there but once they are out of the spaz stage thay will take off

Here you go man this is one i had that was spaz and it came on wicked just took bit longer but went male grrrr

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Definatly nitrogen toxicity. …never use pre mix soil / fertilizer. …

Thanks for the info @Caosred. I think one is starting to come out of it but the other two still look bad. I’ll give them more time. I’m thinking about starting a couple more seeds and see if they do better then decide if I keep the other two spaz ones.

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Well @Dr.greenthumb83 , they popped up out of the soil looking like that. I had them in miracle grow seed starter but have since transplanted into ffof. They seem to be doing better at least 1 of the 3 are