These ladies are reading between 4.5 & 4.8 PH

Got my PH meter in the mail today. Calibrated it then went to work. Unfortunately they are reading between 4.5 and 4.8.
Using miracle grow potting mix that helps with over and under watering. Distilled water. They are 21 days old from germ. What should I do?

I would get some ph up and ph down and take care of that and the start it on a feeding schedule …maybe top it

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Okay first thing you will have to transplant these plants almost immediately are your issues is about to over when you , they are getting close to root bounding ,either go up to a 3 gallon , 5 , 7 , or 10 , depending on space ,but I suggest a 3 gallon . But your ph in that soil mix should be about 6.0 - 6.3 , but once your leaf extends over the size of your pot at this early in vegging growth , it’s best to transplant and watch her do her thing and start growing aggressively .


The problem with Miracle Gro with Moisture Control is that the peat base already has a low ph and the time release fertilizer just drives it even lower. Even when I use it with bedding plants, I incorporate calcium, lime or crushed oyster shells to buffer the ph issue.
Rather than topping and another nute program immediately, I suggest repotting with a different soil such as Fox Farms Ocean and Forest mix. Then you can top dress with a little calcium or use the ph up to make sure that you are in the right range.
But how did you take the pH test? A two prong meter, a test strip for the soil or a liquid test of the run off water? The two prong meters are notoriously bad and you need to read the instructions very carefully for the other ways to get duplicatable results.


Also ph in soil should be 6.5-7.0 for best results.


i am using it with 3 mothers my self and have the same probs flushed it twice now in 5 gallon buckets and flushed with 25 gallons each . then let them dry out then watered them till they drained a little then caught some run off and tested the ph it 4.8-5.0 so i raised the ph water to 8.5 and have waterd 2 times and their starting to come back… in a note from Robert ,B don’t use potting mix that feeds or helps with watering …one of his helpful hints …that i got a month after i used miracle grow soil . mine were mature when i read the article … if i were you id replant in Promix BX or similar .iam using the rest of mine on the Rhubarb plants lol. mine grows pale and very puple stems on strains that shouldn’t … hope this helps Hammer.:slight_smile:


I used this ph meter. Calibrated it as directed. Saw good reviews for it on different sites.

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OK, so I’m going to get 3 gallon pots for each. Is there a specific type I should get from Home Depot or Walmart?
I’m also going to get pH up and pH down. Hopefully the pH meter I’m using is the right kind. I saw a bunch of good reviews on this website for it

Is there some kind of potting soil that I can get from Home Depot or Walmart like that?

Oh, by the way I am waiting on my trio pack of nutes from ILGM. Ordered it last week so I’ll use pH up and down til it gets here…hope it doesn’t arrive too late

Around here in Hawaii, True Value hardware stores carry Fox Farms. The two things that you want are for the soil to be sterilized and that it NOT contain time release fertilizer. Both should be listed on the bag.

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OK everyone, I got 3 gallon pots, Foxfarm Ocean Forest, and pH up and pH down. I just watered them yesterday should I transplant them today Or wait till I have to water them again?

I want to thank everyone for the advice. The roots weren’t “root bound” but they would have been soon!
Fresh new Fox Farm ocean forest mix in new pots…


Watch how they take off now , you made the right decision .

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They actually do look happier already.
Go easy with the water and nutes for a week or so to make them grow new roots into the new medium.

Thank you, I will. Should I eventually go back to watering every other day, 16oz. per plant?

Yes that should work.

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Thanks, I’ll keep you updated.

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I have a question guys…I watered yesterday, each plant 16oz. Absolutely no run off to check pH. How much water should I give each plant in order to get runoff? (These are 3 gallon pots)