These girls look ready to flip

I have two plants in my 2x4 here . One gg4 from ilgm genetics and runtz from ilgm. These ladies are 8 weeks old and had a very stress free life with the acceptation of last week. I have them back to health from some heat issues . I did a second supercrop and light defoliation last night. Just wondering if you guys and girls think these are ready to flip to flower. Also this is my first time scrogging I don’t have as much space as I thought I would leftover in the net

. Should I tie down the branches or put up a second trellis ? Thanks


I’d flip

I would flip now. They will stretch a lot so have a plan to deal with that. Another net or many like bamboo stakes to train.


I like stakes but you have a good scrog going. Second net probably better than stakes since already started scrog. And flip is cool now.

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Do you think I should tie down or tuck what’s growing through the trellis ? Or should I let it grow up to a second trellis since I don’t have much space left in this one?

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Stretch them into second I would think. Put my scrog nets away since running 3 stages at once. Others have better advice and options i am sure.

Thanks @Storm

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I’d be flipping now too.

You do whatever you got to do. I wind up doing all three sometimes. Tucking, tying, and I will use a stake if it works better. I have also had to supercrop a stem here and there to keep the canopy somewhat even. I never get a perfectly even canopy though. I guess I’m just too lazy to spend that much time on them.

They look ready to flip to me! The stretch will fill your space fast!