These girls just have to be ready?

Ok, 3 girls in 9th week of flower! Can’t make out the tachchomes on the calyx so I have no idea if they are ready. HELP

(upload://ggbPzMLmYfVs1GVJSgzkgsWFgbm.jpeg) 20181016_092122

Almost all white hairs have turned red/brown, leaves on bottom dying off and falling off.

it looks like the top of your cola is still growing.

Looks like a week or so left. Just keep checking trichomes

Can’t even find the calvx to check them. Only tackcomes I can see are on the hairs and little leaves. Mostly I have never seen the “bud” at this grout stage so really don’t know what I’m looking at. There in lies the rub,

@Audiofreak you need a magnifying loupe 40x or greater. they are made handheld or to clip to a smartphone,over the camera so u can take pics of your trichomes

Have a loop (useless) with the magnifacation the shacking blures the image so bad I can’t make it out. Tried removing from tent to get better control but same. My eyes just don’t see it.

Ok, just cut all the buds off and send them to me. I’ll check them and let you know if they are ready. :rofl:


Naw, you will just smoke them! Familyman.
Damn they are takin their own sweet time.

Audiofreak… the calyx’s and buds are the things the hairs grow out of. The ‘fluffy green’ roundish tipped things ending eith pistils protruding. Doesnt help if u cant work the scope. Try looking from different distances. Hold scope closer to bud/ fave further. Then face closer to scope/bud further. And just adjust it. Ull get it

more important to see it than to be able to take a pic. you can compare what you see to photos on the forum.

I think it’s more the shake in my hands at the magnified level is the issue here LOL as opposed the operational understanding of the loop in use. Your discription does help think I need a stabilizing support of some kind or a pair of 40 year old or younger eyes! IT’S HELL GETTING OLD.


It’s become quite obvious to me that I’m being taught patients whether I like it or not! And I DON’T LIKE IT!


I can see calyx on your pics. It’s the little green sack the hairs protrude from. I usually hold a leaf to keep it from shaking. I mean it looks ready to me from the pistils but the best way to know is to check the trichomes.

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I’m with @HornHead. If you can’t check trikes i would wait two more weeks. Pistils are tough to judge because new white ones can still grow out at the end.

Two more weeks should add some weight to get too

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Than I will just have to wait then… @#&@#!&@$.

I have the Carson pocket microscope and it is tough to view trichomes on the plant due to the instability of hovering with it. I Hold it with both hands, my left hand on the end of the scope AND touching the part of the plant I’m trying to view.

Similar to binoculars - you hold them in both hands and place your thumbs on your cheekbones to stabilize them.