These girls are wearing me out

Found that my dehumidifier is producing a tiny little light that was lighting up my tent. This stuff takes up all my energy but I don’t allow problems to persist for any time at all. The new scope showed some amber oddly enough because they are still half clear.


Looking good.
Glad you recognized your little light have you checked your power bars and everything else?

Tricombs age differently, the idea is to focus on the % of each 3 types and get the ratio the wua you want it.


I go for full cloudy and will try things at different levels of amber to see what I like. The light has always been there and they are 8-9 weeks into flower. If it effected anything it’s too late now I’m sure. I was counting my days from the day I flipped to flower but ILGM said no so I was a little aggravated but it’s only finished when it’s finished anyway. I think the skunk has at least 2 weeks left. Maybe - on the GG4

I start counting from flip too and know I have 8 - 10 transition days in there.

You count from flip and count the transition ?? It still puts me back 10 days from where I thought I was plus I started one 6 days before the others. Week 8 on 3 week 9 on 1. But I can just tell they have a little time left

If I have 70 days on 12/12 I know I am a little less than 9 weeks in flower. In reality that is for informational purposes only. I pay more attention to the pistils, condition of the plant and especially leaves around the cola and of course trichomes.

Most growers count from first pistils and discount transition. Often a grower will say they’re at 8 weeks when in actuality they are a little over 6 weeks since first pistils.


I’m embarrassed to say for all my thoroughness, I can’t recall how long they took to form pistols but it’s just my ADD and don’t really matter.

@Lewy2239 ,In my grow condition, 10 days, just like clockwork

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