These don't look good

Not sure what is going on with these I put them under the light after taking them from the water can someone tell me what to do. I am going to put them in pots out door and see if the sun will help. I may have to go to the contact forum to see if I can get replacement. I had a few that did not make it in my previous batch but I did not get replacement.

Those look super dry, so I would add water and quickly. Not a fan of those peat plugs. They’re either too wet or dry out and become too dry and it seems to happen in a heart beat. Do you have compost to hand that you can move them into


I put them in soil outside I don’t think they are going to make it

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Stick them in compost in a plant pot and keep them indoors for a little bit they might come on. There’s at least two that could still be saved, into compost, water them and sit them on a window ledge for a while. You have nothing to lose.
Don’t use Miracle gro though

I have had a couple plants that did the something similar. My GSC Beast was so small for being 30 days old. Maybe two or three times bigger than what you have. Guess what…she turned into a Super Beast. :+1:

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Put a dome over them and mist if they are already in soil they some humidity maybe

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Is this a survivor that’s looking good

This tall one has no buds is it a male

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Taller ones can be males but really need up close pictures to be certain :sunglasses:
Have a look at this thread. It will tell you where to look and what to look for

Man that’s TRUE freedom