These buds got too heavy for the plant

This plant has been doing very well until it got too top heavy. It doesn’t look ready to harvest. What should I do? first pic is a couple of days ago.


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GoldLeaf 3m veg 6-7wks flower. HLG600 redspec 70-75F 40-45 RH

It’s a good problem to have you can tie them up using wire or string


Many people have great results with plant yoyos


Very nice you have a good problem bamboo sticks will support the large colas. :+1:


Not ready for harvest yet. Gotta ways to go. Just support them and let em keep growing. Nice job.


Like others mentioned get creative and support them by tieing, or stakes. Next grow look into a net. When you flower them, grow them through the net, then when bud gets heavy the net supports it…

Good problem to have and a natural one. Flowers get heavy and close to ready, buds fall to the ground and spread seeds. Obvoiusly most of us dont want that so it needs some help.


Thanks for the replies and advice.
I probably should have thinned this plant out earlier so that I would have a chance to support it now but I am still learning.
Great to have a resource like this when things look wrong.



looks like the gold leaf is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. Big plant and big buds.
Do what you gotta do to get a couple more weeks. trellis, add a frame, bamboo stakes etc etc.


Great looking plant! i’d drop a net on top and pull the branches through for support.

Bamboo stakes are the cheap, easy, and quick solution.

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They’re fine until they hit the floor

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Add a fan to prevent rott. Big buds big water keep the air moving

I have a fan, I like using a 12" table fan rather than the small ones many people seem to use because it moves a decent amount of air without blowing real hard at any one point.

May be part of the problem, the stems not getting enough wind to grow strong.

I thought of this after I posted but the droop happened a couple of hours after I watered and they have been perking up as it drys back out. I have a 25Gallon pot and it takes ~2gal of water every two days. I wonder if I should water more lightly but more frequently at this stage.