These beautys rite here


Wow looking good. your going to run out room in there, are You planing to go outside shortly?


How much you think i can get away with fitting ina 5×5 gorilla tent ? I got 14 as of now. Would like as much as i can indoors as possible this season. Where i live the summer is way too hott and no humidity. Plus pests and EVERYTHING else that comes with outdoor grows.

Ok so I’ll m not a pro, I run a 4x4 with 5 gallon pots and that just about fills up all the space I have.
Aslo are they photos or autos?
Lighting will play a big part aswell

I got the seeds from the buds from a dispensary so im not sure if there autos or photos. And my light is Growerschoice ROI-E680S. Thats what my pots are 5gal… This is my third time . First time i just got a seed put it in the ground used hose water didn’t really know shit about growin erb. Long story short i made it 2 harvest cured,dryed and tryed !! Lol it was shitt didn’t do nothing 4 me. Second time was much better. I took the time to do everything that was in my control right but 2nd run was outside again so had 2 deal with the desert heat! Thats why this time i wanna stay inside… I can control the temperature and humidity and the light.

Wow that’s a pretty nice light, I’ll tag in an expert to help but I’m thinking they are probably photos, if you keep them small less time in veg maybe you could 6 plants in your tent.”I’m just guessing “ but on yield might be better to grow 4 monsters then 6 little ones ? Assistance please @OGIncognito @PurpNGold74 These guys can help much better then I

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:sunglasses: dont they grow so quick!!! lol :hushed:

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