These are my only 5 choices for soil

These are my only 5 choices for soil which ones would you guys recommend? Or any home depot brand?

They don’t carry Stonington blend, because people steal it.

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The whole soil/feeding ppm/tds/ph seemed so complicated so even my outdoor grow will now be coco and jacks. Maybe as I get comfortable with the grow itself I will attempt some in the ground soil grows but for now its jack and coco
I want to watch what you do and maybe learn from ya.

I’m only on my first grow but this is what I use, its at Walmart and it’s cheap


Here’s two of mine about 11weeks old

Guess that’s the same girl lol…but I also use Jack’s 321 for nutes…I add worm casings and mykos heavily to the soil as well

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Top 3 are Composts. Meant to be amended into soil…

And the final one screams MG ‘time release’ style organic…

Under a gun? Id choose Coast of Maine soil… i know that brand. But post the ingredients/amendments to it please.

All 3 of those composts look good. But id either go with the 3rd one with the EarthWorm Castings or the second one with Lobster… has to be chock full of Calcium huh?

But ull need soil to go with the compost. So again. Soil in picture 4 With amendment inpicture 3