These are my new regular autoflower seedlings

These are two Russian blood pies and two Bloody lemon cookies these are from a Australian breeder there two days old out of the Coco coir im doing one of each with different nutrients one lot will be getting BAC nutrients and the other two will be getting nimbin nutrients Australia so we will see which nutrients works the best once there all done at the end i will do weigh up of each plant and see who has the most bud mass and we will check out the root growth once they have been chopped down so stick around and see what happens guys


I’m going to watch this. Interesting strains

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I have other interesting strains like blacksmiths stolen tabs and trip to the Ukraine and acid hammer

These are the babies now looking good


I have set to watching, if you don’t mind. I am always willing to learn something new. Never know where it will come from!!! Thanks for beginning the thread. :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

Join in to the fun and we will watch these grow

Much appreciated!!! I am watching these definitely.

watching as well

They will be going into the tent tomorrow after i clean it out