These are my girls at 4 weeks!

I have a 2 NL and blueberry haze auto. They are very bushy and stout. This 2nd grow is much easier after learning what not to do

. Plus have the right light the right nute schedule. I do have a question what do you want your ppm to be at?


Depends if this is FFOF, coco, or promix. What is your medium? What is your nutrient line?

70% ffof 20% coco 10% perlite. My nutes are fox farm line…plus cal mag. Havent started the nutes yet. When I use FFOF its hot enough for a least 5 weeks. I have been told.

I would follow their schedule, but at about 1/4 to 1/2 strength. I would also consider adding epsom salt to your schedule, and calcium.

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just put it on soil Epson salt ! Or should I mix it with the cal mag. Also a random question where do you find 321 jacks nutes, or witch formula is the best?

I’m using Jacks 321, and calcium and magnesium is in the schedule. Same formula from seedling to finish. I used bloom boosters until the 3rd week of flower after I saw pistils. Some say it’s not needed. So far, it makes it really easy, and the plants are doing really well. One of the better lines I’ve tried. I’ve tried 3.

I purchased directly from Jacks website.


Thanks I will check it out. The problem with Jack’s 321 site is you can only pay for it with ■■■■■■■. I guess I will open an account.