These 3 are all supposed to be Acapulco Gold, they all look different

I got these three seeds at the same place at the sane time.

Notice the one on the left, it’s really different, its name is # 3.

Is this common?

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Yes it does occur. Was told that plants are like your kids, all different. happy growing :rofl: :bat:


Temperamental little brats that no matter how I dote on them, they are never satisfied?


They will all be smoked alike…

I hope your grow is plentiful. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

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Being called number three make her a little sassy. Got an attitude.

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I remember Acapulcan Gold from a long long time ago and I was green to weed but boy was it good and smooth

Good luck with your grow

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Thank you sir, same to you.

:sweat_smile: # 3 was born under the grow light, she is very short. She really hasn’t given me any lip yet…

Whats the read off numbers on plant number 3. Do a slurry on her. Something gotta be off with it a slight bit. It looks like an aloe cactus plant lol.

Mark, I would do it if I knew how.

Take some distilled water in a cup and a scoop of the soil from the pot u wanna check put soil in water stir and let sit for 10 mins or so. Strain mix with something to keep meter clean and check water soil was in should tell u what the soil ph and ppms are if u have those meters available.

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Is that the slurry test?

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Yes sir.

It looks a lot like an artichoke plant! Acapulco artichoke. Hahaha!

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Thanks Mark, I have a ph pen but not a ppm meter. What do you think could be going on with this plant?

@Oldguy @Happilyretired @Hellraiser something looks super weird with the leaves on this plant any ideas. I suck picking a deficiency out but somethings not right. Why the leaves look so pointy like so bout 15 post pic. Left side plant looks worst.

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I’m gonna refer back to comment # 2 by @thecount13 that it’s more of a genetic expression with the deeper serrations on the leaves.
It does happen.

Did the seeds all come from the same sealed pkg.

Definitely different looking leaves for sure.


My thoughts as well, looks healthy, wouldn’t worry about it.