There’s a storm coming

I am in my 3rd week of flower with a hurricane coming my way. If the power should go out while my girls are in a light period is light coming from a window enough not to put my girls into shock. I would hate for them to get screwed up at this point.

When I was out of power for many days I have left them in the dark and I have also just used a flashlight that was just a cheap light I used 3 days had to change the battery but left a light on 10-12 hrs as long as there is some light it will wake them haven’t went longer then that I got a generator

Thank you. I will run out today and get more batteries just to be on the safe side. We have never been out of power for more than a couple of hours but it all depends on how bad the storm is. Once it’s over I can put them outside as I live in the country with no close neighbors.


If the storm travels along the west side of Florida…most of Florida will be dealing with massive rains and outages. Might consider one of those lantern lights with a bright light.
Gulf of Mexico waters are stirred big time. Here in Corpus…surf is riled up and water it up to the dunes.