There back from underwatering!

So 2 days ago i guess my plants lookes bad. Drooping and yellowing from the bottom up. Turns out underwatering was the culprit. So i have controled that by watering threw. I gave nutes today .1 ml of bioroot and .1 ml of grow in 12 ml of water. Im using small containers about the size of small playdough cans. ( actually they are small playdough cans) it only took about 2 ml to water threw all 5 plants. I also pruned my dead leaves from the bottom. Im kinda seeing the leaves grow but not much new growth. How long can i expect before i see growth. and how much could this effect my harvest?

Hi quesack

I had the same trouble with mine two years ago. I was afraid I would over water and get root rot.

Once I watered them they bounced back by the next day.

Best of luck.

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I would have to find your original post to know age of plants but sounds to me like a beyond light feeding split between 5 plants I use GH and very rare where I am not mixing it a gallon at a time. I assume these are some very young ladies?

Yea they are within three weeks. In organic seed starting mix.

Quesack … I didn’t start adding nutrients to my outdoor plants until they were at least 4-6 weeks old. I also used the seedling starter mix and it worked great.

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@Donaldj @MT1 can someone tell me more about watering and about my nutes. Its been another week and i have not much new growth. I have noticed small growth on my first node but i mean like flea sized. It has got colder so my plants are staying around 68 in the day lowest are night was 61.
I really think they are just stressed iv had them in hot in low humidity to normal will humidity from 75 to 35 because i have a humidifier with them. Also my roots go down and rap around the very bottom of the pot. I 2 die so i check out there roots. Not bad slightly brown but had been dry maybe 5 days.

Hi Quesack … it sounds like you might need bigger pots if your roots are wrapping around the bottom. When my babies are little I just sprinkle water on them and keep the soil a little damp … I don’t soak the pots. When they get older, I give them more water. I can usually tell when they need to be watered by how heavy the pot is. If it’s really light … they need more water. Not very scientific, but it works. Because I grow outdoors in the summer, I have to water more often.

Give them some time … they’re pretty hardy … hope they do okay.


Im glad you said that. Right before i logged in the same thought crossed my mind. I also noticed i have bad drainage. Even though im nervous to shock them anymore, i think they need more room and would probably enjoy some fox farms soil. Got some happy frog to try.