Theories...whatcha got?


It’s really not worth all the effort. It’s why I put the disclaimer at the beginning.

I’m fully rooted in what I believe, as I’m sure you and most others are. Most of us are old enough now that we just are who we are.

I was raised in the public school system and the “church”. I understand both sides of the argument, though I am much more educated on one over the other.

My interest was in finding out who people are and things they believe or even just consider. I didn’t expect to change minds. I actually felt I would come across as crazy to most people. That doesn’t matter to me. I’ve never been one to assess myself based on what others think.

The information is interesting, but not anything that would convince me to believe anything other than what my own life experiences have taught me.

The topic has brought many things to my attention that I had not considered before. Some I can accept, some I reject. It’s nothing personal.

I count the topic a success based on why I started it. Ideas and conversation…thanks to all of you…


This topic is awsome @FloridaSon, me too I have a foot in both world and found here a place to discuss not to convince, it’s very sane for the mind and spirit to exchange ideas like we do here :wink::innocent::+1::ok_hand::v:


No, I’m sorry, but the type of measurement of shadows can not explain a circumference of a flat circle, if there is no curvature of the ground between staffs and their shadow, not at all on a flat surface, it won’t add up correctly. You can only measure if there is curvature, it would work on a cylinder as opposed to just a globe, but not at all on a flat surface, even if the dimensions you mention about the dome and sun are true.

It only works to estimate the distance of the sun as you mention, and it could add up in that way, either way far or close, small or big, flat or curved, using the different scales. But it can not determine the outside circumference of a flat circle.

This really is simple trigonometry and geometry. It just doesn’t work without curvature no matter the distance or size of the sun on a flat surface.

Humidity doesn’t explain the coriolis effect, not at all. I’m sorry but it doesn’t.

And if wind patterns are manipulated, and humidity could explain the coriolis effect on opposite sides of the equator, that still would in no way explain the way water drains in opposite directions on opposite sides of the equator.

I am completely familiar with the dome model, like I said, it can’t explain the way when you look towards the southern star in the southern hemisphere, that the stars rotate the opposite way they do when you look towards the north star.

If south was flat and way from the center, there would be no way the things would appear to spin in the opposite direction as when you look towards the north star, as they would on a globe or cylinder.

Seriously, think about it, it isn’t hard to envision in your mind at all. On a cylinder or globe, when you look up, if the stars are even rotating around the globe or cylinder instead of the other way around, and then when you look down to the south, then yes the spin would look the opposite direction, but not on a flat surface towards center or away from center.

And also easy to envision in your mind, the north star would have to be very near the top middle of this dome, if it were a dome, and even from the outer most edge of the circle, if you look up and towards the center, and especially if it was at only about 3000 miles or even somewhat more assuming this north star is quite a bit higher than the sun, you would still be able to see this north star at top and center from the farthest edges of the circle if you were looking towards the center of a flat circle.

On the equator you can see both polar stars, but much further in either direction away from the equator you can not.

Maybe as @Niala suggests, the word for circle in the ancient text actually does mean globe. I’m not trying to dispute religion or the bible at all.

And in fact I was raised in the Christian Church as well as public school myself, my step-grandfather was actually a reverend in the baptist church, and he was very well read and very well respected in the church.

And my father even went to Catholic private school when he was young.

My real mother was raised in the Christian church as well and her entire family is very involved in the church.

My step mom, my paternal grandmother and my maternal grandmother took me to church all my life.

When I was entering Jr. High, I decided to read the bible cover to cover, just to know what was in it for myself. I’m not able to recite chapter and verse, but I do clearly remember all the themes in all the stories contained within, and the moral of the stories, if you will.

I really don’t think the bible and mainstream science have to conflict at all. Nor the words of our Father, only the men that wrote and re-wrote the bible, over and over are imperfect and made any of the mistakes.

In fact we absolutely know this happened by comparing the King James version of the bible to more modern translations from the same ancient scripts. King James had an agenda and his self serving desires contributed to these discrepancies, not at all because of the word of our Father, which of course would be perfect as He is.



Very well said and vulgarize @MacGyverStoner :+1::ok_hand:


It’s really not worth all the effort.(quote)

It’s mind exercice, very good for me to keep my sanity , other wise, I talk to my self, lol :joy::sweat_smile::wink::innocent:


I can agree that science and God don’t have to necessarily be at odds. I’ve often felt that science was the attempt to explain how God did everything.

It’s just I take God at His word. If I find a conflict between the two, you know which side I’m going with.

I concern myself with my salvation. The rest is just interesting conversation. You have to admit, though, just as with King James, there have been many unscrupulous scientists with an agenda.

I know the agenda of the wolves amongst the sheep. I know the agenda of most politicians. I don’t understand what it is for scientists, the poor examples we are speaking of in each field, other than money and fame.

I no longer believe in “Space” as shown by NASA. It hurt to lose that, but I believe I sacrificed it to truth. I’m fine with it because I look for the day that the curse is lifted and the Earth becomes as Eden was.

Some things are worth losing…


I’m happy to help you exercise the mind. I find most people aren’t able to discuss things they don’t agree with without their emotions getting involved. It’s refreshing to find others that can.

I get it, because I was the same way before. Always getting mad, until I realized I don’t have to answer for them. Only for myself.

Thank you, Niala…


The sad part is because you can’t see , smell , taste or touch something it can’t exist… which unfortunately is sad for you… things happen and we don’t understand why they happen , that doesn’t mean that they happen for a purpose or not… it just means that we don’t understand it and that can be said with many of things and many of people’s lives and in many different respects to how we approach things and how things or put upon us and yet we’re still human beings and we in some way shape or form , figure out how to deal with things and get through it… so don’t sell yourself short and not understand how the world can be round or things can be attached to it …nor can I give you a good answer …I also can’t explain why what you say makes any sense either… Lol…



I know this wasn’t directed to me, but since the thought can apply to me also, I wanted to respond.

The first part that I quoted is a bit unfair to my brother Paranorman. I don’t believe he needs sensory input to believe something. Please don’t feel sad for him.

I have to go back to his original statement about water. It always finds level. ALWAYS. That’s only possible with a contained environment.

I would like to propose anyone that can, do an experiment that will prove otherwise. In construction, water is still the best tool to find level. Sea level is just that, level. Unless you contain it in some way, water will always flow to sea level.

You forget that he believes in aliens, even if it’s not the same belief as to the nature of them. My bad, it’s not my place to speak for him, so I’ll stop.

I don’t feel sad for people’s beliefs, for the most part. Believing in something shows hope for something. Without hope, we’re just walking talking wet bags of dirt. :wink:

One day everyone will know the truth as it is. I hope to see all of you there…



Ok so in a total Foremans Basement moment my Kelso came out and I was thinking the Big Bang theory could be explained by a solution kept in the dark then a dropper of “starter stuff” drops one drop in the solution BANG it scatters throughout the solution over time and when we add lights it grows. We are the microscopic parts of this universe. Just a lab experiment. Pass me the bong.


Lol, smoke smoke pass, smoke smoke pass :sweat_smile::joy::v::sunglasses: made me laught @Stomper, I need it since i am going into cluster headaches since yesterday :dizzy_face::flushed: thanks men :+1::v:


Hang in there. Eat a couple caps. :wink:


Done :innocent: smoke smoke pass, smoke smoke pass :sweat_smile::joy::v::sunglasses: lol thanks @FloridaSon


You guys seen this? Its kinda scary.


Nothing is as it seems anymore…



Well it says we won’t be able to tell the seasons apart in the bible.


That’s not for nothing since the last few years we experiencing what meteorologist call “Polar Vortex” and it’s aftecting the Great North by unusual high temperatures and at our latitude colder ones, however, it’s depend, like those recent years on the El Ninõ and El Ninā cycle and we experience’s higher effects from them since 20 years or so and the scientific community agree to put the responsibility on the warming of the climate, indeed it’s kind of alarming… @Dumme :innocent:


all we need is for a super volcano or an asteroid to hit the earth and we’ll be back in the ice ages again…lol just saying,probably happen sooner than we think!


it’ll be a massive solar flare disabling the world sending us back to before electricity.

then there’s always a zombie apocalypse.