Theories...whatcha got?


I’m sure you’ll try but you won’t succeed many have already been down that road and for many years, there are no alternative answers, there is only what is

the answer is none of these things that they teach us is real and you’ll come to that if you honestly try to look into these things because there’s no other answer

I’ve found ‘truth’ is a thing either accept or not, just my opinion

Now if you’ll all excuse me it’s time for my cat’s calculus lesson


I’ll be back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink::innocent::smiling_imp: with answers :wink::innocent: as humble as it can be possible to do with my modest knowledge :innocent:


Again and this is why I really don’t get involved in this type thing, it has nothing to do with knowledge no one has less knowledge than I perhaps but these are indisputable facts and simple laws of physics were talking about

there’s a ton of videos in this thread that explain what I’m trying to say good luck and I hope the best for you and everyone involved, I don’t really care for this type of discussion beyond what I’ve already said, that I believe the Earth is flat and I believe it’s simple to demonstrate

As I felt I’ve made that point repeatedly, and don’t have anything else to add of a theological nature I won’t be returning to this topic

  • may God bless


@Paranorman if you’re teaching your cat calculus then does that mean Bob is teaching you and if so will you teach me us please


LOL …too funny! …now here’s someone who’s been doing their reading! LOL

I didn’t mean to sound short but this threads not short, it’s been going on a long time and I honestly have nothing else to offer here

I’m not interested in debate with anybody so I hope nobody takes it the wrong way I just don’t have any interest beyond what I’ve already said, anything that goes beyond this everyone must accept or reject on their own there’s nothing more I can do, maybe other people can but I can’t… I won’t! :wink:


People of Earth take me to your leader


I’m not interested in debate with anybody so I hope nobody takes it the wrong way I just don’t have any interest beyond what I’ve already said, anything that goes beyond this everyone must accept or reject on their own (just quote you)

No wrong doing or taking @Paranorman :innocent: :v: poeple can agree to disagree on a subject and it’s healty to do so , I disagree with your affirmation that the earth is flat and since you express clairly your desire to not pursue that discussion further I will respect your wish and for now on will not tag you or reply to you on that specific subject :wink::innocent:However I will continue my research and try to vulgarize the physics behind the gravity and why the earth is a sphere !:innocent: and made a thread here for those who are interest in that subject, if such interest exist :wink::innocent:

Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate discuss with you and find interest on many of the subject you’re bringing, here in this topic or elswere on this site… Thanks @Paranorman and keep your specificity, that’s make you unique :wink::innocent::grinning::+1::ok_hand::v:


Hey ! @FloridaSon I hope you don’t have this one on your backyard ! :astonished::fearful::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink::innocent:


That was in Lakeland about 1 1/2hrs South of me. I’m about a 1/4 mile from the river, so I don’t worry much about them coming here.

The one in the video was around 14’ according to the news clip last night. I’ve seen them up to 16’, but that’s pretty rare now. Y’all would be amazed at some of the things you can see in our swamps! I love my homeland!

I’m also interested in seeing you try to prove what I have found to be a lie. The Earth can’t be a globe hurtling through space. It’s physically impossible.

I used to think “My God is powerful enough to do that!” While I still believe He could, I believe He didn’t. I believe He did it exactly how He said He did.

While I haven’t studied physics, I have observed the world around me. That’s all the scientists do.

Look to the stars. They remain constant enough that for thousands of years we have accurately navigated the planet. The constellations should change throughout the year if we are revolving around the Sun.

You have to let go of all you have been taught and look at it like a child. You now have the ability to reason. You didn’t while you were being taught. Now…which teacher do you want to learn from?

As for me and my household, I will choose my Father…


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I’m not familiar with that word.

Lol…the clown thing. That was Halloween '15. It was an attempt to help my son’s girlfriend get over her fear of clowns. She still doesn’t like them, but she doesn’t freak out in a panic anymore. :wink: I’ll count that as a success!

FBI…the enforcement arm of the propaganda machine…


It’s seems to be common in florida to have all kind of enormous animals, insects and plants in those swamps fen and marsh… :wink: :innocent: Most probably cause there’s plenty kind of nourrishment available and harsh environnement…

For the physics behind the sphericalaty appearance of the the earth, I need more time to vulgarize it, however here’s a beginning of answer : it’s an interaction between mater, gravity, nuclear forces, space and time. Here’s a simple exemple ; the lava lamp ; the difference of density between 2 mater and with the help of heat differencial and gravity will form bubbles, more or less spherical… In fact, the earth shape is more of a patatoid one due to the spinning of the earth in it’s axle. You’re probably aware of Isaiah 40:22 !? Even if the Holy Bible is not a scientific book, when it come to that it’s pretty accurate, it’s not a surprise, it’s God’s words…:wink: That’s about it for now, my research continue…:innocent::v:


Yep, but I never claimed it wasn’t a circle. The end of the verse plainly compares the heavens as a tent.

The barrier that divides us from the waters above is described in a manner equating it with molten glass beaten into shape.

I’ve never been a chapter and verse kind of guy. I read it as it was written, a complete story. I can’t remember where, but I’ll pull out my concordance to direct you to the glass reference…

Job 37:18…I recommend reading the whole chapter, sometimes even more, to get context. I HATE when the words are taken out of context.

Verse 3 references under the whole heaven, our sky, and the ends of the Earth. Those are impossible on a globe model.

I don’t buy gravity anymore. Density yes, gravity no. Time doesn’t matter to me either. It’s just how we measure our existence. Without a clock, or access to the daylight, time loses all meaning.

I understand your reasoning. You’re still basing them on what you have been taught. I know how hard that can be because I thought I was having a nervous breakdown when I first went through it. “What do you mean it’s all a lie?!?”

Come as a child…such is the Kingdom of Heaven…


"What do you mean it’s all a lie?!?"
Are you quote something or someone because I never say that !?:innocent::v:


Alrighty then!

Partially because of @Niala joining this conversation and not immediately being able to present the counter arguments, I finally feel I’ll have to give a try at teaching you cool cats, some calculus, and maybe explain some of the finer points of vector calculus, or at least some trigonometry, lol.

Maybe I am part grey I do have a huge forehead, lol. :sunglasses: Just call me Bob MacG, ha ha ha.

Umm, sorry nope. These do not hold up at all to closer scrutiny – by anyone that has even some of the basic understanding of physics, geometry and calculus.

Sigh… this might take quite a bit of writing…

I’ll try and keep it simple and not actually use too high a level of physics nor calculus actually, if I can, lol. As, in fact, that would likely actually take months – like a real high-school or college course on the subjects.

First, let’s try and get some perspective, as far as actually being able to see curvature, shall we?

You can’t even normally start seeing the curvature of the earth until above 50,000 ft, and maybe not significantly noticeable until above 60,000 ft. The very minimum altitude at which the curvature of the horizon can be detected is at or slightly below 35,000 ft. as long as you have a field of view wide enough (60°) and nearly cloud free.

The minimum of 35,000 feet is a realistic cruise altitude of a commercial airliner, but a passenger window probably won’t give you the necessary 60° field of view to be able to notice the curve.

And if there is any cloud cover, you can forget it – because those clouds are at about your level and will then look un-curved, just as if you were on the ground trying to see the curvature of the ground.

To try and help everyone understand the magnitude of scale we are talking about, think about this – if the earth was shrunk down to the size of a billiard ball it would be SMOOTHER than the billiard ball! Although, ever so slightly egg shaped.

Before I even get into the calculus and trigonometry, there are some very basic problems with the video descriptions of a flat earth.

For one, the flat earth theories above neglect to address the fact that in the southern hemisphere, “the north star”, Polaris – is not visible, and many, many stars and constellations that we take for granted in the northern hemisphere are not visible from the southern hemisphere.

And the southern hemisphere has many stars and constellations that can’t be seen from the northern hemisphere.

If these constellations were on a “dome”, “the north star”, Polaris, would have to be at the center apex of this dome, and therefore it would certainly be visible from any part of the Antarctic “ice wall”.

Also, in the northern hemisphere the stars appear to rotate anticlockwise around the northern celestial pole and “the north star” – Polaris. In the southern hemisphere there is a star that comes close to being a “southern Polaris”. It is Sigma Octans, which is 1 degree away from the “south celestial pole”. This star, along with the rest of the stars, appears to rotate clockwise around the “south celestial pole”, as you would expect on a rotating sphere or cylinder.

And another thing, in the southern hemisphere we see a much different view of the moon compared to the view from the northern hemisphere.

And in the southern hemisphere the phases of the moon work differently.

And although it isn’t entirely true that water goes down all drains counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere, if you do place water in a drain-able container, say in a large cone funnel, or drum, that doesn’t have any geometric structure that would influence rotation, plug the bottom, fill with water and let completely settle so it is stable and not moving, as you don’t want any energy from the way the water was introduced into the container to influence rotation, and then carefully unplug the to bottom of the container – then, more often than not, you will get the proper rotation for your hemisphere.

– In 1908, the Austrian physicist Ottokar Tumlirz described careful and effective experiments that demonstrated the effect of the rotation of the Earth on the outflow of water through a central aperture.[45] The subject was later popularized in a famous 1962 article in the journal Nature, which described an experiment in which all other forces to the system were removed by filling a 6 ft (1.8 m) tank with 300 U.S. gal (1,100 L) of water and allowing it to settle for 24 hours (to allow any movement due to filling the tank to die away), in a room where the temperature had stabilized. The drain plug was then very slowly removed, and tiny pieces of floating wood were used to observe rotation. During the first 12 to 15 minutes, no rotation was observed. Then, a vortex appeared and consistently began to rotate in an anticlockwise direction (the experiment was performed in Boston, Massachusetts, in the Northern Hemisphere). This was repeated and the results averaged to make sure the effect was real. The report noted that the vortex rotated, “about 30,000 times faster than the effective rotation of the Earth in 42° North (the experiment’s location)”. This shows that the small initial rotation due to the Earth is amplified by gravitational draining and conservation of angular momentum to become a rapid vortex and may be observed under carefully controlled laboratory conditions.[46]

Also, I do competition target shooting, as well as my favorite paintball, and for super long distance shooting, not unlike in marine sniper school ( on an aside, my dad was with a platoon of marines in Vietnam, and in marine boot camp – he tested expert marksman), you do actually have to take the spin of the earth into account in your windage calculations.

According to the Greek biographer Diogenes Laertius, he wrote that the Greek scholar, polymath, and scientist – Pythagoras, gets the credit for the first ancient that said he believes the Earth is a sphere, and generally the credit goes to Aristotle for proving that the surface is indeed curved.

However, it is very likely that many cultures knew, even before Pythagoras, that certain things observed in the measurements of the Earth itself, and the way constellations appear in the sky – alluded to a spherical earth.

Easily, by the birth of Christ, much of the educated world understood the world was spherical.

And contrary to popular legend, Christopher Columbus did not discover that the Earth was round. There was no debate over the Earth’s shape before his voyage. Only, the circumference of the Earth was what was was not exactly known or understood, they had a very hard time believing it is as big as it is.

An interesting thing is, that many of the ancients had already calculated how big it was using trigonometry, and were only off by a very slight margin, and come very close to our more accurate measurements with more advanced measurement tools – as well as measurements from orbit.

One well known example is from about 200 years before Christ, Eratosthenes (275-194 B.C. in Alexandria, Egypt) was an accomplished Greek scholar and polymath. He respectfully earned the nickname “Beta” because being so good at mathematics, geography, philosophy, and astronomy, that at worst, he was only the ‘2nd best’ in each field, lol (he prepared a star map containing 675 stars, suggested that a leap day be added every fourth year, tried to construct an accurately-dated history, determined the obliquity of the ecliptic, and developed the “sieve of Eratosthenes” method of finding prime numbers).

Here are some links with some exercises you can do to help understand it better. They also go into more detail about exactly how Eratosthenes calculated how big it was using trigonometry:

Eratosthenes Measures Earth’s Circumference

The Earth’s Curvature is Tasty

And then if you understand vector calculus and can understand how Newton modified Kepler’s third law to explain gravity, you clearly see why it completely proves our accepted heliocentric model, thus determining the flat earth model false as it relies on a geocentric model.

And not only that, let’s discuss this idea of buoyancy. There is a way a regular person can test gravity and it is not just buoyancy, lol. And this is very simple to demonstrate.

Actually, a common scale in your bathroom works with spring tension, if it was because of being buoyant, you’d weigh more in a vacuum, which isn’t the case. And so, you can measure gravity, as a measurable force, very different than buoyancy.

If you put a weight on a spring in a vacuum container, you can go to different parts of the earth and it will stretch more or less depending on how strong the gravity is in those specific areas.

Gravity is more intense where the earth is made of things with more mass, for example, like lead as opposed to just sand.

And so, as a matter of fact, as proof the earth is indeed a spinning sphere, you could take the same device to the equator, and although the centrifugal force is not enough to counter gravity and throw the water off the surface of the earth as some of the above videos like to try and make it seem, the centrifugal force will make things weigh a little less at the equator, than at, or nearer, the poles, and the weight will stretch the spring less than it would at the poles.

Happy Physics learning,

Bob MacG



Lol…I was quoting myself as I was going through the process. I didn’t go searching for the flat Earth idea. I had heard of it only because Obama had mentioned it as a ridicule.

My search was for God’s acceptable form of tracking our time. What day is the Sabbath rest? Saturday? Sunday? Does it matter? How would I track it properly without a calendar?

I only looked into flat Earth to see what the fuss was about. :astonished: That was some kind of wake up call!!

I always loved the idea of space. Learning the truth had some disappointments for me, but having the truth is more important to me than my fantasies of space.


I’m not educated in higher math, so I have a hard time thinking of a way to address the mathematics involved.

Concerning math, though, how can you come up with a rational answer using irrational numbers. Pi being an example. To me, it’s just science trying to figure out how to square a circle.

I don’t have a problem with the supposed circumference of Earth. I just believe we’re on an enclosed plane.

If you would like, you could also try to explain why the constellations remain constant when we are supposed to be hurtling through space.

They don’t change. We’re stationary…:wink:


The math wouldn’t be able to show the circumference of a flat circle. That is not how it works, try the fruit exercise.

The constellations do not actually remain constant, they do change from from season to season.

And quite simply, the north star, if it were at the top of a dome, or “tent”, as I said, it would be clearly visable from the outermost edge of a flat circle, and it is not.

I explained all this above, like I said, I tried to explain as much as I could not using higher math, as so anyone could clearly understand it.


I was in the processus of collecting most of your references and other and trying to vulgarize it in a more understandable way, however, I was struggeling a bit to do so with the contraint that I have personnaly set (view of a child). Thanks for the intervention it has simplify a lot my work :wink::innocent::+1::ok_hand::v: