Theories...whatcha got?


@Niala @BIGE @FloridaSon thanks didn’t know the play store had it they always amaze me with what they have and I never check there for anything other than games for my kids . Gonna download to night


This is awesome my wife gets pissed when I talk about anything alien or the Bible. Glad to know someone out there shears some of my views .



Hey @FloridaSon I don’t know if you have already these :

It’s all The Books of the Apocrypha :wink::innocent:


Nooo! …that’s not why my friend! I would advise everyone abstain from such conversation because this is not a theologically based forum

(However I do recommend the Goodspeed Apocrypha, assuming one were given to such study? And while we’re here I strongly recommend the Companion Bible by E.W. Bullinger, it will give the English reader an understanding of the scriptures that is not easily obtainable by other means


One more though for the night, if it’s true we live on a flat Earth and I think we do.
Then wouldn’t all the other planets be the same way.

OK and with that is there really gas gaint planets.
Because I guess I would get that if they were really a ball that spins. But if it’s flat can it b a gas planet IDK maybe some one can explain.


It’s my assertion that there are no other planets


Aristotle divided theoretical philosophy into mathematike, physike and theologike, with the latter corresponding roughly to metaphysics, which, for Aristotle, included discourse on the nature of the divine (discourse on the nature of the divine is the modern definition of theology) So, for Aristotle discussion on metaphysics include theological discussion :wink::innocent: And the main title of this topic by @FloridaSon is “Theories…watcha got?” And is place on an appropiate categorie, so i don’t see why we can discuss on Aliens and not discuss theological subject… :wink: :innocent: No hard feeling here, and I don’t want to offend you by this :innocent::v: I send you a lot of love :heart:@Paranorman


@Paranorman, While the forum proper is for growing, the lounge was given to us for anything else we may wish to discuss. Latewood didn’t seem to have a problem when I asked him about it, not wanting to offend anyone.

I’ll have to check out that companion book. Strong’s concordance doesn’t allow much for context.

@Niala, I have those as well as some others not included there.


It’s well documented that prior scientists believed in God in some way. It’s only a relatively recent fad to deny the existence of an intelligent Creator.


Okay well I’ll try again …all the arguments put forth in this thread can be, and I believe have been made from a secular basis. That way everyone can be included (or they can exclude themselves) via secular means

My entire point of this thread is that the Earth is flat. ( no curved water )

I make no other claims beyond that fact, however I feel that once one comes to this truth, it eventually leads to certain other undeniable facts


Very very well said @FloridaSon I honeslty couldn’t say it any better… you really hit my heart square on the aortas lol :innocent::v:


Pull up that Chinese map again @Paranorman


I don’t care what anyone discusses, just in case anyone’s misunderstanding what I’ve said? (And the context that I may have said it in)

I suggested my Christian brother not get deep into religious topics because of the reasons I’ve stated but that’s his decision of course

…you speak of Aristotle several times, I don’t quite understand why? … I seem to be missing your point ? However please don’t go to great legnths on my account, I have no interest in philosophers, to be honest


The Companion Bible that @Paranorman refering to is an literary essay on making the Holy Bible more understandable with the King James text of the 1611 version and was made in the 1800’s. It’s a good reference…:innocent:


I wouldn’t disagree with that, and also the companion Bible is compatible with the Strong’s (exhaustive) Concordance and gives the English reader I believe their best chance at understanding the scriptures from their five original languages

… now I just want to eat my eggs, I fell asleep, missed my dinner I hate when that happens! :frowning:


My bad, Brother. I didn’t mean to shine a spotlight on you! :smiling_imp:

Raustin was the example that I learned to refer to it as strife. That reaction kinda hurt the soul, but just reassures me that it will be as it was told it would be.


Lol :grinning:me too I have miss supper… :innocent: the reference to Aristotle was a copy/paste from wikipedia and was made only to support my argument of that metaphysics discussion include theological :wink::innocent:


And again I don’t care about any person or particular race religion belief lack of belief (or little else for that matter) so please leave me out of anything with people, places, particular religions or any of that good stuff, don’t care don’t get involved with it, I only wish everyone well

I come here to grow weed however I do stand by my assertation that the Earth is flat I’ve flown in Planes, I sit at the Ocean 100 days of the year …there’s no curve, period.

none of you have ever seen it, not one, and no one yet has been able to explain how water curves around the ball-earth, how air spins a thousand miles an hour, exactly as the Earth spins but everything is not flattened by1000 mile an hour winds generated by the magic spinning-ball Earth or even how magic gravity works, or even demonstrate gravity exist, for how the vacuum of space doesn’t just suck the atmosphere right off the planet which we all know that if it really was a vacuum it would, that can’t be explained either, none of those things can! …so that’s as far as I’m willing to go in this topic


I enjoy reading anything that helps reveal truth.

Wisdom is the treasure I seek…


I can, just not sure how to resume such complex physics, give me a couple of days and I will come back with it :wink: :innocent: :v: