Theories...whatcha got?


@FloridaSon first 40 seconds of this says it all…



I wonder if it’s custom to escort the jets or if they just happened to follow along?


I’ve never seen them escorted, I see them down the beach at least 3 days a week they were here yesterday they’ve been here for about a dozen years maybe 15

They’re in every country in the Western World from what I’ve been able to glean, Prince was the biggest star speaking out against them some suggest that’s why he’s dead

From what I can see they Cloud up sunny days I think they’re part of this climate control hysteria, I think they’re trying to make it cloudy ?

I know there’s a lot about HAARP and they’re spraying heavy metals & what have you so they can control the weather better, there’s all kinds of theories out there, the only fact is they exist and there’s lots of them in lots of places and nobody knows what they are or where they come from ?

They have no flight plan or radar information available, and everyone official denies they exist ?!


I don’t buy the Nibiru narrative, but it has some interesting things to consider.

Like a woman in birth pains…



The elongate skull is known to be achieved by compress training since birth childhood by aboriginal around the world. The real question that intrigue me is where the heck they took that idea… Aliens !? Trying to look like them ! ? The answer is an open one… :wink: :innocent: :sunglasses: :v:


That’s certainly a fact…!

Here’s other info…


Here’s another opinion (somewhat closer to mine) I found this particularly interesting


Interesting :space_invader: it’s propably the same thing for elongate neck… That too is known to be achieved by training since birth childhood and doesn’t rule out the alien possibility by mimicking an actually real Aliens presence :alien:


Haha when I first glimpse at the pic first thought was the cone heads​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy::joy:


@Niala This may be closer to what I suspect…?

I agree with your mimicking Theory.

I disagree with the video in that these are extraterrestrials in the common definition


@FloridaSon got a theory 4 u.

Religion it self is a massive cover up.
I think there’s more books of the Bible not there than the the book has.

And also Mary . I’m sure she was Jesus’s wife not the hore made out to be by some churches.

And if this is true than y lie about that, we all deserve to know the truth.

Let me know what you think


I’m a big believer in the ancient alien Theory. I’m not sure how much they put on t.v. is true . But I am a fan of the show.

I’m pretty sure that the Bible has been manipulated to get us off the trail. Like I said in the last post I think it’s missing a lot of books.

Just wondering if anyone feels the same. Been reading alot of this thread, but not all .


Hey Brother!

I’ll do my best, even though @Paranorman advises me against getting into religious conversation because of the strife it can generate. :wink:

I can agree with what you’ve stated here. I’ve read several of the books left out of the Bible. I revisit them still. The books of Enoch are of a great interest to me at the moment.

To me, religion is a tool that has been perverted to empower evil. I believe there is one Creator. He is my Father. He does not change. The “churches” change with the climate of society.

Even the work that we refer to as The Bible has been altered. There is a reason why the warning was given about adding to or taking away from the words. Those that are responsible won’t be able to claim ignorance. :smiling_imp:

Whether she was his wife or not is not an issue for me. Jesus was without sin, which simply means he never broke a single law given to Moses. Being married wouldn’t change anything. Remember, we were told to be fruitful and multiply.

Tradition says she was the whore that Jesus rescued from stoning. It could well be possible that he married her, after she was forgiven as another sign of his authority to forgive sins as our High Priest. Again, it doesn’t change that he was blameless and the pure blood sacrifice.


Why change the calendar all those times? Why lie about the shape of the Earth? Why lie about the origin of life?

Lies are told to manipulate and control. You DO deserve to know the truth. Look for it as if everything depends on it. The truth is everywhere. You just have to sort it out from the lies that surround it.

Question everything you have been taught. Search and you will find…


Agreed I don’t want to get in trouble talking about religion, I just think that the fact that she was his wife was hidden from us for reasons we may never know . Mary’s book is one that fascinates me . I’ve only been able to read parts on a couple of websites a few years ago . With was only the first couple pages but promised to b a good read.
As for the the book of Enoch I haven’t got a chance to start it yet if u know a good website to get it from please let me know.


I found them at the PlayStore and downloaded them. Search “lost books of the Bible” or you could change “lost” to “forbidden”.

I feel I should warn you. The more you know, the more accountable you are…


Here a link where you can download for free “The Book of Enoch”

It redirect you direct to the book by the playstore by clicking on the free book button like @Floridason suggest to you​:wink::innocent:


eric von daniken not sure how to spell his name,has numerous books out on the subject… that guy is not a quack job like some of the AA crew just saying


Yes big fan of him too