Theories...whatcha got?


I don’t know about that thing under the ice I’ve seen them pull things that look like that supposedly pulled it out of the ocean and there supposedly found here and there I don’t know what to think of that

I do know that the heads of all Nations Royals and all kinds of Kings astronauts and everyone else all went to Antarctica recently, they say they found a vimana, I saw the vid, it looked too good to be real but I’ll find it and post it

But something down there killed John Glenn and the other astronaut, I’ll find his name, he posted that it was *“Pure Evil” but they took his post down very quickly and he’s been silent since

Edit: here it is, Buzz Aldrin called it *“evil itself”

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Here some too give a serious thinking: revelation 14: 6-12 :innocent:


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No what I’m talking about was just recent and it’s like a big three-fingered hand looks crazy as hell because they took x-rays and all kinds of things of it and it’s actually got fingernails but instead of having three Knuckles like us it has like 5 knuckles pretty crazy looking I think you would type in Peru alien hand or something on you tube…



Yeah the greys have three fingers and not quite a suction cup for a fingertip but it’s kind of like a suction cup

I can’t find that video of the Vimana I didn’t bookmark it cuz it looks so real that I was sure it was fake I’ll find it eventually


Yeah, I kinda have to go since it’s at my house. I like the people, just not the everyone talking at once as the volume increases with each additional drink.

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Man I miss the days with lots of friends and family most of my friends and family are dead and gone, anyway that’s enough boo hoo from me, this is a Vimana,

I don’t know if this is the vid I saw recently but this guy’s got a lot of pretty decent stuff he’s pretty credible, I think it’s possible that this could be real


Found it …pretty weird!
thanks for sharing!

If you want to drop a link from YouTube click on the curved arrow, click ‘copy to clipboard’ and then just paste it anywhere and it shows up

I think there might be another type of gray, supposedly they look like praying mantis only 6-7’ tall, I don’t know if true, and they’ve never been seen and there’s no video or credible pix of them (imo) but there’s tons of reports particularly from abductees of seeing two kinds of Grays, the tall mantis type always seemed to be in charge


@Paranorman About the grey I don’t know if you have seen this


Yes I’m aware of that and I’ve also read and seen Travis Walton movie and I am aware of his Abduction the thing about that article is they’re not really from space, there from the other side of the ice wall, there created ‘things’ they make them the way you and I might pot a petunia, there are manufactured ‘things’, the only importance the greys have, imho, is who manufactured them and why ? :alien:

Also if you’re familiar with Travis Waltons story in addition to grays he reported also seeing some human hybrids

he said they could pass for human but something about the eyes was different, he kept saying initially he thought it was a human and followed the first one he saw down a hall thinking it might be showing him a way out, Walton also said the human hybrids never spoke


Buzz Aldrin he was almost killed by NASA because he was tellin their secrets. We know that the moon is probably a base of some sort for human/alien communication. We have been watched by aliens from the beginning since the building of the pyramids.

Has anyone seen the fifth element? :joy:
The pyramids are placed accurately up with each constellation around the sky. There’s a reason for that :+1:

I wish I could just find out what those crooks in DC are up to this Term
It’s so sad they have to keep their classified info from the public. We all know there would be chaos, but still let the public know more about our future and what it holds.

Maybe the future isn’t that bright, with the way things are going this century. A gallon of water cost more than a gallon of gas! We need a new fresh water solution, to convert salt water into fresh water. the earth is 90% water and 2-3% is fresh… we have another dilemma people! The natural springs don’t give more fresh water to our lakes because the glaciers now melt into the ocean instead of running down the mountains, so to speak.

Idk I’m just thinking too hard and maybe hit the pipe a few extra times. I feel great right now :sunglasses:


Why would there be chaos? I don’t buy that, I think that’s just more disinformation

The Earth is about 70% water but I want to put a map up what I believe the earth looks like and I’m going to tag you it

I want you to see this map, maybe a little later I’ll find it after we both had a few pipes of hash LOL :v:


If people really knew their future do you think they would be the same? I think not? :thinking:


Well I guess I’m a little confused because I don’t know how, that if we knew aliens are real it would change things ?

over 50% of the population believe they are real and things haven’t changed so far because of that belief, so I don’t believe that

I think the point of mine that you might not be getting is I don’t believe aliens are from outer space, because outer space doesn’t exist.

I’m not asking you to believe this I’m just telling you what I believe and know to be true. I believe the Earth is flat and I believe there’s a crystal dome (beryl?) above us.

I have a map I’d like to show you at some point I think you’ll be interested in, I’ll tag you in when I find it


By the way that thing with the water do you know they’re selling tanker after tanker full of the Great Lakes to China?

Pretty soon there’s not going to be much water left in them ? it’s already down hundreds of feet in some places, but nobody seems to be too interested, I guess it’s not as hot a topic as global warming ?

some billionaire in Texas buying up all the rights to everything underground, you might own the property up top but he owns the land and water underground, hes some politically-connected troll, he’s about a hundred years old


This is the map I wanted to show you…


The map video is 45 minutes long, but the gist of it is, and I haven’t watched that particular video, I just wanted to show you the picture of the map, but the back-story is:

The map was found in a Buddhist temple a thousand years ago. Supposedly the gods took them in a flying vimana to see the whole of the flat plane of Earth and they made that map on their Journey


I just took the time to watch it. Good video. It’s literally the whole expedition about the secret lake that’s 5mi big and its fresh water! It’s the source for mankind. They took samples of the water and it’s minerals


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