Theories...whatcha got?


FL. I know just how you feel. My girl came in my life about ten years ago. I’m high strung and not too social,freak out in crowds can’t handle it. Have had anger problems since youth that has continued into my adult hood. Can’t even explain why I get mad or down most of the time,just seems to come out of nowhere.
But without her there’s no telling where I’d be if I was still alive. Just like gods love i don’t deserve her. She can calm me down when I’m freakin,and can count on me to go apeshit if need be to protect or defend her.
Well ill shut up now thanks for the ear,even if I stole it


Sorry for my despises :innocent: @Floridason


Better to steal my ear here than trying to steal my buds anywhere! Lol…

The right person balances us. I’m fortunate to have her. Broke all my rules to get her, but my rules kept me with girls that weren’t good for me.

Some rules SHOULD be broken…


While reading that, I always tried to imagine the scene. It’s getting easier to do so now after seeing so many finds.

I just learned who was born on Dec.25th and it astounded me. It puts Amos in a better light when you include Easter as well!

Babylon, Babylon. How great your fall will be…


I don’t get why you are apologizing? What despises?


I had mistaken why that it is you paying the price, I taught it was her having the clusters :innocent:


Oh, and i’m french canadian and don’t master all the subtility of the english, so some times it could happen that what i wrote can have double sense, i’m just trying to make my self understand more clearly to avoid misunderstanding :wink::innocent: @FloridaSon


Your flat earth video is the one that takes the cake!

I now believe the world is flat from that video. What he says about rising up and the horizon stays with you, it make me think…but the earth is so big…but also if it were a ball you would have to look down. So idk!

:expressionless: We live in a world of lies yes, but that doesn’t change us, and it doesn’t mean we’re wrong, or they are bad people. The government needs to lie and keep secrets because they want to protect the world, not just their own country. Even if it means with mass genocide, their protecting themselves really. Not the lower class or even middle class. We are numbers.

We have to also think bigger than ourselves in present time. We need to think 100-1000 years ahead.

What you change now that is small can be a huge major change in the future.

You got my imagination gears turning :astonished:


The government needs to lie and keep secrets because they want to protect the world, not just their own country

Do you really think governments lie for the benefit of the masses ?

It’s good that you see its flat but please don’t stop there this thing will open like an onion for you if you just poke it a little bit

I agree, I’m also thinking way past 1000 years, I’m thinking about eternity


But as for eternity though, I’m hoping with the intention of the govt they have the formula for immortality, or time travel. They definitely found the mountain housing the German nazi time machine, the bell. But do they know how to use it?

Earlier said in this topic on one of the video posts, in the video they were talking about vessels/ships that fly, they just came out of the ground leaving craters everywhere. There were dozens in Antarctica, Ukraine, and the Himilayan mountains.

This is the physical evidence that is true. Now was a TNT blast making that hole or a UFO returning to its place to come back later?

I’m here for the long haul. Let’s see what others think.

As for us we just watch. And theorize.
:v:️:+1: Peace Love and Prosper my friends


All governments are going to fail soon. I understand you’re looking to a government and I’m not mincing words or trying to play cute, I’m a Christian I’m looking to God for eternity.

I don’t come here to talk on religious topics but since we’re hemming and hawing all around it, that’s my opinion

I believe I also understand yours, and I’m very glad that you are able to take something away from this thread …!

Have a great New Year my friend !
And you as well @FloridaSon ! :thumbsup:


And what if they say they have found it? What if it is freely offered to everyone, everywhere? What if…

Please step back and think. If they have lied about something so basic and simple as where we live, what else are they willing to lie about?

You are unable to protect me with lies. If your protection is founded on lies, then the protection itself is a lie…


Your bible reference is a good one :ok_hand::v:


@AmnesiaHaze Regarding ‘de Glocke’ aka the Bell, assuming it ever existed the thing that they tell you that it was chained to, that’s just a concrete water-tower base, they’re all over Germany

I don’t know if that’s what crashed in Kecksburg or what, but I am all about UFOs my friend ! You want to talk about UFOs I am the right guy!


Thanks for reading! …have a Happy New Year! :thumbsup:


You too :innocent::calendar::tada::beers::poultry_leg:



I’ll do my best. Remember Murphy? Well, he adjusted a birthday party date that was set for the 10th. Was to be an early party, so I agreed.

In stepped Murphy and the party is now tonight. It was supposed to be a small family matter and has now been turned into a big party that will now last much longer with many more people. :sob:

I honestly think that Murphy is just another name for Loki!! Maybe if I can find his original name I could banish him from my life?

Ever wonder why the name of an entity is sought after? Hmm…


Hey @Paranorman have you seen the new video from Peru I believe of some so-called alien body parts were found and stuff looks pretty interesting you have to Google it on YouTube or something but check it out I would bring it here but I don’t know how to do that …



All kinds of aliens in Peru ! heres some but I doubt it was this one maybe you mean the ones with the elongated skulls like the hieroglyphics in the pyramids and other places in Egypt, they’ve been found all over the world but there are quite a few of them in Peru

this vid is interesting as well but I didn’t watch it all, I remembered it from before but its probably not the one you’re mentioning?

I’d like to add that it’s my belief that the Grays are manufactured. they’re mainly plants they have a chlorophyll type substance for blood they are probably part reptilian, humanoid vegetable …I don’t know what they are exactly but they’re mainly plants, they’re not sentient beings, they are manufactured …obviously I can’t prove this so its a ‘take it or leave it’ thing


You can also search Trey Smith and Rob Skiba(sp?).

@Paranorman, what about the circular object found under the ice in Antarctica? Notice how the image resembles the CERN LHC?

And do you have any knowledge of “Gabriel’s Ark”? I’ve just recently heard of it.

I hope y’all have a safe night! I’ll probably go through half my stash dealing with all these drunk people tonight! :disappointed: