Theories...whatcha got?



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Hello everyone! I just wanted to put this video on here for anyone interested.

I can’t say I agree with everything it says, but I find much of it has led my thoughts in some interesting directions.

Most intinteresting was the mention of the Norway Spiral. I had never heard of it before. What about you, @Paranorman?

Knowing there are Northern Europeans here on the forum, I wanted to see if that could be validated. @Matt_auto aren’t you from around that region?

I’m interested in reading any thoughts y’all may want to share…


@FloridaSon I’m aware of it, and if I recall it happened while Obama was there for some Summit meeting


Recently I’ve been hearing about astronauts (John Glenn) and many other big politicos and Royals going to Antartica all of a sudden

I could post a couple things but there’s really no more information but there is something interesting about another astronaut who didn’t die but posted something interesting about what he saw ‘down’ there but had it deleted quickly? I’ll find it and post it when I get home


That sounds good to me!

Isn’t it odd that he dies shortly after the trip?

Antarctica was mainly just a fanciful curiosity for me until about a year ago. Let’s just say my interest is much more involved now.

I’m still not liking the insinuations I keep hearing about my bloodline, but whatever…


Well it’s not a secret, supposedly they found a functioning Vimana there, but if that’s what they are leaking God only knows whats really happening there ?

I saw the Vimana video I can’t tell if it’s real or not it looks real but I don’t know I’ll post it by this weekend

I’m not sure what you’re talking about regarding bloodline but I don’t get involved in that beyond what’s given in scripture


The video I posted mentioned the Aryan race being descended from the Anunaki (sp?). I’ve heard it mentioned quite a few times.

Will be looking for the post…


I see, I’m familiar with the genealogies given in Judeo-Christian scripture only.

I’m familiar with the Annunaki and other Sumerian creation myths, there is a writer named Zacharia Sitchin you might be interested in ?


Everytime I read this thread I can’t help but think my misses would be all over this and that man we smoke way too much pot!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


At least it’s the good stuff that we smoke! :upside_down:


Here is another one I found today. Even if you don’t agree with what it says, there is an interesting bit of information about how sounds can impact water crystallization and also a color spectrum of sound.

Two things caught my attention about the color spectrum because it utilized the light spectrum wavelengths as comparison…

  1. Could we boost growth by also isolating specific sound waves? Say, continue using those frequencies without the visible light spectrum? ( I believe I may flag this to see if it is appropriate to discuss that here. I just wouldn’t know how to introduce the thought to the grow sections. ) @latewood?

  2. Kinda made me look at the old tripping saying a little differently…Man! Those colors sound so beautiful! :heart_eyes:


For whoever makes it through, I’m eager for your thoughts…


That’s kinda funny. I just got a first flag badge and it was against myself!


This is the right place to discuss a “theory”. You really are not and probably do not need to discuss cultivation as anything more than a end to the possibility that the theory could be used to grow.

You are asking and wanting to prove sound waves could take the place of light…right?

Discuss and debate theory of sound waves vs light all you want. This is not currently a true proven science, so it cannot be applied to growing.

Happy Holidays


Thank you. I wasn’t sure and didn’t want it to be a problem.

Actually, not that the sound could replace light, but supplement it.


@Niala, I just noticed in your profile that you suffer from cluster headaches and that is what led you to growing?

Mushrooms have also been known to help with those. My wife doesn’t like tripping because of a bad experience she had years before we met. It was a small thing for me to give up for her.

What strains do you find help the most? I would be very interested. Or perhaps start a topic and tag me in it?


I intend to start a topic and will tag you​:wink:. However, it’s true that mushroom and LSD is believe to work in some random study. Personnaly, I did’nt try it , until now and don’t wish to go there :fearful::astonished:… AK-47 is doing fearly good until now… Chocolope is renom for migraine that’s why that’s the one i’m growing now … Will see… :wink: :innocent::pray: @FloridaSon


Ôoo ! Give my regards to your wife. Is she have cluster headaches ?:tired_face::confounded::persevere::rage::cry::dizzy_face::flushed:
Give her all the love that you can give…:heart::innocent:
She seems lucky that she have a so good man in her hands :innocent::+1::ok_hand:


This is expressly for you (I have nothing to add except Num13:33), you may enjoy reading this individual.

A Wonderful New Year’s blessing for you and yours ! :thumbsup:


Actually, I get the clusters. That’s why I was the one paying the price.

I have some Chocolope waiting for the end of Winter to be planted. She sometimes gets migraines, but neither of us suffer as much as we used to. Just looking for an alternative.

I am the lucky one. She helped me overcome some social issues that would have seen me back in prison. I used to be a very angry person.

God put her in my life to save me from myself. I’m the lucky one in this relationship!

I’ll be looking for that topic :wink: