Theories...whatcha got?


The only time I may have seen a ghost was 30 + years ago.
I had a 69 Volkswagen van and I was getting some work associates home during a mild snow storm. It was snowing but he road was not bad yet and it was just getting dark. We were on a rural highway doing 50 mph or so. That’s when a nice looking mid twenties woman wearing a dress came out from across the road with on coming traffic that had their headlights on. She was running and I missed her by inches as she jumped into the ditch on my side. I still remember her scream. With no forward hood on the Volkswagen - she was only feet from my windshield and I only had time for a quick swerve into on coming traffic. We did not go back to see if she was OK because there were no good, safe places to turn around and I knew it would only be minutes before the roads had iced up.
Now that I look back I believe she may have been a ghost. And was trying to cause an accident. There were homes in that stretch of highway but none on my side, only mailboxes. she was definitely risking her life crossing the highway to check the mail. Or she was a ghost trying to cause harm.


Trojan horse scenario and a theory of mine-
The wreaths and other garlands of the holiday seasons often contain mites. My belief is based on this fact.
My geographical local is evergreen with lots of douglas fir, hemlock and cedar. And many christmas trees and garlands come from this area. Unfortunately mites infest these trees which are harvested and brought into our homes as decorations.
When evergreens are cut during the fall the temperatures are cold and the mites are in a state of dormancy. They won’t wake until the temps are raised in the spring or inside the defenses of our warm homes.
Be wary and keep vigilant sometimes the enemy is much closer than we acknowledge.


So before I started to consume this wonderful plant I would see things that I knew weren’t there. Knew they weren’t there cause of that feeling that you get. I just knew in other words. At first it really didn’t bother me, but after a couple of years and making certain friends ( would find out later that they were wicken and dabbled in certain things. Which wasn’t weird cause if where I lived at the time) I started to notice it more and more.

Then they would start crawling out of the ground around me. Which was concerning to me. Then one holiday my parents left me an my older brother home while they took my lil sister with them for a trip to see family while we were in school, an of course we had a party. This is when my brother introduce me to the lovely Mary Jane.

So now I like the stuff and am getting high with friends more often. Then one night me an some choice friends (wicken ones) were out pissin around one night and I was talking about the “things” that I could see and we were smoking too. I seem to notice them more when I’m talking about it. Ok so while talking I had noticed there were 4 of them wandering around the park we were in and started to notice that while I was smoking they were fading, loosing detail and depth. Becoming more like shadows.

So there was a bit of an a hah moment. So the experiments began. Weeks with trying it out smoking once twice none a whole crap load. Figured out that smoking everyday stops them. Well supresses them that is. Had phnumoia a couple of years ago so had to stop smoking while in the hospital and they came back for a while till I was better and could start smoking again. Didn’t know how or what edibles were. Either way. They went as bad last time it happened. Mostly shadows. But I gotta stop thinking about this now.


Not that I know of for sure. My brother, 2 friends and I were smoking some green one night an we all saw a super bright streak go through the sky and a really loud wooshing sound and a scraping sound too. Then the northern light formed a “hand” that was reaching for us and followed us home. So I dunno what you would call that. An all this sh@t all happened in Saskatoon.


Hey everyone, I meant to bring this here earlier…

I was checking some you tube videos on Nephilim and saw one claiming that those of us with a RH- blood type carry extra genetics. I was curious because I’d also heard that people with O- blood are able to process red meat better. (For some reason I don’t know.)

It just made me wonder about some things and I wanted to know thoughts and opinions on the subject if y’all have any.

Searching for clues…


Yes I’ve heard the same thing… There are also people with certain genes that can’t get aids either… Kinda makes you wonder …



Kinda has me concerned! None of those genetics survived the flood. The next flood will be of fire.

Naturally, I wouldn’t want to buy into this, as I am O-. Actually, O–. When I saw my blood type, I said “Don’t two negatives make a positive?”

Apparently it doesn’t in this case. She said it was a purer form. That makes no sense to me, but whatever.

I figured I would see if anyone here already had more knowledge of it than me…


Not me :no_mouth:


@FloridaSon, as you have same blood as me ,just like me you may have to have the blood bank hold your blood ,if you need to have any operations ,as a transfusion of anyone else’s blood may kill you .


That’s really not an option for me. I don’t trust the blood banks or hospitals.

My wife understands that I’m not looking to “extend” my life. I will not opt for surgery if given a voice.


I just have an DNR signed and on file at two hospitals,as I am just so tired .my family is not happy about it but they do understand.


You know, I always wondered why anyone could have our blood, but we have to have our own.

Are you saying your type is O- or O-- ?


O-- and we csnt have anyone else’s blood not even someone the same type



Not even the same type??

I’m not really worried about it for myself, but I wasn’t aware that we could only have our own. I thought we just had to make sure the donor blood was O- .

Good thing I have made it known I don’t want to be given blood.

What about plasma? My wife has some family members that are Jehovah’s Witnesses, which will not take blood, but some say plasma is ok.

I don’t necessarily agree since the plasma is the carrier for the blood, but I still wonder about this aspect of it.

I always thought it was cool to have this blood type. I never knew there were so many other aspects to consider with it though.

I hope that will be helpful for someone else reading this!

It’s amazing how much we don’t know that we don’t know…


Hard to say about plasmas, as my mother had it and almost died one time and then was fine another,she is also same blood type.


Hi friends,

This is my discussion with @FloridaSon that we had over at The Ladies Room. I thought it’s philosophical tone would fit well in here. :slight_smile:

Okay, so first, thanks for not hating me. I don’t hate you either; I don’t hate anyone, except maybe haters. I’ve never been able to figure out why believers hate non-believers so much either. It’s not like we’re asking them to stop believing. You don’t see atheists preaching to bring in more atheists, it makes no sense.

As far as being the most hated group, that was from a survey that is a few years old, and with all the hate around today we’ve probably moved down the list some, maybe behind Mexicans.

The “like” situation is truly silly. I use them exactly as you describe-- that’s my response to a post I acknowledge or agree with. If I can’t “like” then I have to write something, and if I don’t “like” or write something then that person has no way of knowing that I’ve seen the post. This is pretty simple stuff, Lol.

Politics, politics, politics… Ugh, I just can’t. Really, the country has devolved into Idiocracy, in fact, quite literally.

I have no problem with Jesus, however. If only more Christians acted like or just read up on Jesus, then this world would be a better place.


I’ve never been able to figure out why believers hate non-believers so much either.

… I read to the above point and then I tuned out and stopped reading because at this point this entire statement became untrue, or skewed, in my opinion.

It’s a broad, incorrect generalization, therefore everything that came after it is predicated on a falsehood, in my opinion.


Thank you for sending this here. I didn’t mean to take the conversation in that direction there. I believe this is a more appropriate topic for a conversation of this nature.

I appreciate all that you said, but only quoted what I was wanting to comment on. Because of understanding the importance of context, if you would rather I leave the entire quote intact, please say so. :blush:

( I just realized I sound so formal. It’s just a defense mechanism because, like you, I have met poor examples of the other belief. Hopefully you will come to know me as a better example as I’m sure you will also be.)

While you were speaking of atheist preaching, I understood one of the underlying issues I believe the haters have.

They resent the slow increase of religious censorship. Whether or not you see it that way, they do.

I think this is a foolish reason to allow anger to take hold. I expect it and anyone that claims to believe in the Bible should as well. I see it as a mere signpost.

Idiocracy…:wink: Have you ever heard the term “Dumbing down of America.” What is coming needs dumb sheep. Not intelligent free people. :confused: Wasn’t that a movie showing our future! LMAO

This would be a MUCH better place. :wink: One day.

Please don’t blame us all. Most that claim to be Christian have not actually read the book they say their belief is based on. They only know what the church has told them which is fragmented and often taken out of context.

The blind leading the blind.

I say I hope to be a better example of what my King expects from me, because I know I’m not a good example. It’s not a self loathing, or false humility, that causes me to say that.

I have read the book. I’m on my third time through. I know how I’m expected to carry myself and I know how often I fall in my walk. I just believe that my King is able to forgive me. Not only able, but willing.

Sorry for the long-winded response, I’ll stop. It’s my greatest passion followed by my family which narrowly beats out my plants. :imp:

Not a sermon, just part of who I am…


…but I do see atheists trying to bring in more atheists! In fact there’s a big controversy in some states right now because atheists are putting up anti-christmas billboards, so this is also an incorrect and/or untrue statement in my opinion.

Although you will never hear me discuss religion in this forum I do find it interesting than that when Jesus was presented with a paradoxal question regarding the truth of a certain matter by the Pharisees he replied “what is truth”

I believe that to be a fine starting point for all discussion


I respect your position, but please reconsider the tuning out.

Often I will grandly generalize as well in discussing something. My wife often gets annoyed when I get to using extreme generalized examples. Often, that’s what’s needed to highlight a point.

Your choice, Brother, but I wish you would reconsider…