Theories...whatcha got?


I figured that since this subject was cluttering other topics it would be best to give it it’s own place.

We all have our own beliefs (realities). In creating this topic I am intending to give place for thoughtful discussion. I don’t care if you agree with me or not. I hope you can come here with the same point of view.

I ask everyone that disagrees with something to please take the time to do so as tactfully as possible. This site is a place to bring people together that share a common passion. I hesitated doing this but figured “there’s a place for political thoughts, why not?”

Me disagreeing with you does not mean either one of us is an idiot.

Let the chaos begin…:smiling_imp:

The Ladies Room -- not for plants!

Great idea @FloridaSon


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George Bush killed JFK…daddy Bush not baby bush…

how else could the most beige nondescript man to ever walk the planet rise to be president? a favor was asked of a young cia guy, promises were made,…and he shot up the ranks despite being bland and of very average intelligence. I put this theory out there a couple decades back and everybody laughed at me… but apparently it has started getting some traction lately…the only really deep question is,…who asked the favor and who made the promises?


Not a had idea @FloridaSon,
Why screw up someone else’s tread. I’m thinking they can bring there disagreement with each other here ? Is that right or not ?
Or is this something totally different.
Not sure if it will work out Bu t what the hell right ?



You are correct.

I’m not sure if it will work either. I noticed there seemed to be an interest in the subject as I see it popping up in many topics.

I’ve been guilty of it as well, but sometimes getting off topic can really clutter a thread and makes it difficult to get through to the information that is being sought out. I apologize for my part in this and am trying rectify that.

I was up late and heard something on a late night talk radio show. I was also reading at the time, so I didn’t catch the whole conversation, but it mentioned something @Paranorman had brought up about reptilian hybrids. :fearful:

So these hybrids are part of what’s laid out in Revelation??

I have been considering time frames laid out in the Bible for a few years after finally working my way through it all for the first time.

I was raised that the Church would not have to endure what is spelled out in that book. Another lie. We will all be present until the 7th Trumpet according to the Bible.

Anyone that has more insight on this, please chime in. Revelation was given as a guide for the end of this age. I also believe we are already experiencing the seals being opened. I don’t know, but I’m watching and seeking truth. That requires me to search the theories.

I’m hoping to find more truths, but also trying to get some off topic posts a place to have a voice.

Thank you for coming…



I was thinking and people may not remember the name of the place to go. So I thought why not call it the " BLUE ROOM " I believe it would be much simpler. for everyone

Just a thought its your tread.



That’s not a problem except I don’t know how to create a subsection. That’s why I put it in the green room. Figured it was a place to talk about whatever. I also wouldn’t know how to move it from here to there.

Or were you thinking of changing the name, not the location?

And what’s this I hear about “Spaceship Moon”? Setting people up to expect a 1500 cubit mile ship? That would explain how they could get most of the world to attack the coming King.


Ya…the name not the location. And as far as the " Spaceship Moon " go’s I haven’t a clue



So if I edit, I could also edit the title? Not just for individual posts?


I’ve heard this theory, that the Moon is fake and actually a space ship. I don’t believe it for one second though, just my opinion :v:


Yes its your tread. You should be able to edit your own tread and if for some reason you can’t , I can.


I didn’t say I believe it, just curious about the thought. My main problem has always been why. I learned not to ask all the whys in my head at a young age. I got tired of always hearing “It just is!” Lol

Why is this theory, and even all the other ones even there? I have found a little truth everywhere. Just because I don’t believe something doesn’t mean it’s not worth my consideration. I thought that was the purpose of a discussion forum.

Too much time with my own thoughts during the stage of becoming who I am, I suppose. Much has been lost to us. Many things have happened in the past that has left our reality…altered, if you will.

The thought of the theory originated somewhere. Whatever one you may be discussing at the time.


Why The Blue Room ? How would that title make it easier to find?


I have no idea brother…I just thought it wouild be easier that’s all. Let’s burn one



IMO… we get closer to the answers when we spend time alone. Being around other people clutters up the mind and makes it hard to think, sort feelings, or make sense out of everything you take in. I love to saddle my horse and just head into the woods…or at least I did, before I got so damned fat… you find yourself in nature and once you find yourself you start discovering new things…which are probably really old things, but you get my point.


I didn’t mean that in an aggressive tone, sorry if it came out that way.

I’m really interested to hear about it too, I wasn’t told any specifics or anything. I just heard, “people believe the moon is fake, and that it’s a space ship” lol. And of course my first reaction is, I don’t believe it. :v:


Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone…



Tone. It’s one of the main reasons there are so many conflicts online. There is no tone, no body language to soften what may seem like harsh words. Much of the way we interpret words we read is influenced by our moods. Perhaps mine came across wrong. (My bitch is in heat so the male is driving me insane!)

Emojis. Need to remember to add them more:wink:

I get you @Oak. My time of solitude was a bit more extensive than that. We all need that quiet alone time to be able to…recharge.

I am not easily offended. If I feel I have been, I try to think before I respond. I have too little time for trivial anger. There will never be ANY doubt if I’ve been offended.

It’s all good. A topic like this one really isn’t for people that are easily offended. You know?

Happy Places…