Them's SEEDS in that thar weed!

1st time grower, in 7th week of flower which is final/flush week for my 3 Quick Critical Plus plants and coming up on harvest time for the other plants with longer flowering periods. I’m growing from all feminized seeds, all photoperiods, no autos.

Much earlier in the process I checked the sex and they all looked female to my novice eye but I wasn’t sure about one of the quick critical plus plants so I posted this thread: Hermie paranoia or reality? Please help. Most people thought I was dealing with female parts so I just let it go at the time.

So last night I cut a few of the smaller/lower Quick Critical buds and used the microwave drying process to get them ready to test the product, and there’s SEEDS in my grinder! Shit.

I am guessing that if there has been “male participation” in my garden all this time, it means at least the entire tent has been pollinated and won’t be producing decent weed. I have two tents with about 2 feet of clear space between them, but I often have both tents unzipped for hours at a time, leaving all the plants within pollination range of one another.

So I’m guessing this means at least one and probably both tents were pollinated by a male earlier in the grow, and that it means my entire crop is likely to have low potency and be full of seeds.

Is there anything I can/should do at this late date to try and save the remaining crop? In particular, the 2nd tent is full of Sativas that still have over a month to go before harvest. If they’ve all been pollinated already, that’s a real drag!

Thanks in advance!

p.s. If there’s anything in specific I should take and post photos of, please let me know what.

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I just read your other/earlier thread. Do you have pics of how those questionable sex parts matured?

I’m new and I don’t tent (yet), so I can’t offer any advice about any pollen, etc.

Bummer! I hope all goes OK, but it must be very frustrating.

There’s no reason to think that’s true.

This is probably the case. It’s annoying, but not the end of the world.

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I had some WW that got pollinated cuz a Bruce Banner hermed on me and it still came out fire. I’m from the generation where you might smoke a J and it snap crackles and pops. Just pull em out bruh the green is still useable and is prob still some loud.

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Does it still make sense (only a week before the first plants are harvested) to identify the male and pull it out of the tent?

Seems to me like by now (week 7 of flower) the damage has already been done so there’s probably no point, but I’m a newbie and don’t want to make too many assumptions…