TheDabbinCabin-- Growing GG4a and more

Hey everyone!

I’m new here and still relatively new to growing. My family and I live in Alaska. This will be my 4th grow in the past 9 months. For now, I’ll be journaling the grow of a GG4 that just popped up.

I have some plants 3.5 weeks into 12 12 Atf stankberry (BB×atf) white cookies and white widow. I had a male ATf that I pollinated all the aforementioned strains with.

The lighting I’m running is exclusively Horticultural Lighting group. 4 qb132s and 2 qb120s

I grow in the bathtub / bedroom. The space is 5 ft by 2.5 ft

I grow in coco and in soil. I start my beans in a solo cup with black good natural and organic, and then I up pot into a coco perlite mix. this is a technique I started last grow with regulars so I didnt wast money on nutes. I can get through a 4 to 6 week veg on virtually no bottled nutes.

So without further ado…

Heres the baby GG4.

Some of my strawberry kush… I’m a bit of a dabaholic

And a little artsy fartsy pic I took the other day, just to round out the first post…