TheBadHaggis grow journal #1

Plants all got a nice trim today, all trimmings going into the worm bin. Been watering every 2 days to keep soil moist. Every other is liquid seaweed and molasses mixed into 5 gallons RO water.
Plants all still doing well. Planning on amending with gia green 444 and 384 tomorrow on all 5 plants. Switching to flower on Friday.

Purple punch #1:

Purple punch #2:

Purple haze #1:

Purple haze #2:

Purple haze #3:

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Canopy shot

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Happy worms! Got a mix of cannabis leaves, spinach, iceberg lettuce, carrots, egg shells, banana, coffee grounds and ripped up cardboard to snack on.

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They look like they’re loving life! Your training came out very well.

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Thank you very much

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2nd top dressing. 3.5tlbs 444, 3.5tlbs 284, 7tlbs glacial rock dust per plants. Watered with 5 gallon ro, liquid seaweed and molasses