The Wind Is Bending My Seedlings! Please, Help!

My girls are about nine days old and a few inches tall. I noticed today the wind is bending the hell out of them! What do I do about this? Do I bend them back straight? They are in small pots but I don’t really have an area to keep them out of the wind or a barrier. Relatively high winds are forecasted for the next few days.

@JohnThaRipper you can set them up In a window that gets sun for a good part of the day…

I would but I just moved out to my land and am staying in my motor home while the house is being built… don’t have much in the way of window space

You could use a piece of cardboard and duct tape and make a wind barrier with that?
Not sure the pot size but I would think as long as they still receive light you would be ok with a cardboard wind barrier tapped to the side of The pot. That way you can take it down when it isn’t as windy.

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@Jmesser80 I found some small boxes to put the pot holders in. Seems to be doing the trick. Thanks again

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Not a problem.
Happy growing👍