The Whirly Dirly ConspiracY - Ahh, SCROG IT!


I am greatful for you. I wouldn’t be here right now, if it weren’t for your help. Like many others here. So happy not having blurple anymore. I wanna take them out and shoot them full of holes, but I may need them again for clones. My 4x4 tent that I loaned out has been, well, mistreated :rage: to say the least. I choose the least. Looks like I will be getting another 3x3 tent. With the supplies that I have left, looks to be another $190 for the next build.


Yeah, he really has been a blessing! Thanks @dbrn32!


Its nice seeing that operational after only seeing the pieces!


:sunglasses: Just glad that you had internet to see it


I’ve noticed my tent temps dropped from 88.4F down to 81.6F


Pretty big drop for just changing the light! Will make it easier to grow during the heat!


We were talking about using roots while you were here…

See where this takes your thoughts…


Don’t shoot your old light lol. You can probably reuse case and drivers and swap the leds if you wanted. Depending on how driver voltage and current in them is, could be a pretty significant upgrade.


@BIGE watch it work

I’d definitely want to talk more on that then. One has about 8 led out already. $89 lights, I didn’t expect them to last that long anyway. They have lots of blue, so I use them for veg; then switch over to my Advance Spectrum one. Had that for 3 years now!!




Awh man that’s not good sorry mate :v:️.


Matt will take it lol.


Lmao…not anymore!


Dream killer haha!


I can’t fight the compulsion! I was able to refrain from my normal tantrum! Lol


We usually call that progress haha!


I’m trying, Brother!


Is that kinda like, I only slammed the door instead of punching it this time? Smh lol



I usually yank them out in a fit of rage and pull all the branches off before burning them!

This time I got curious about the roots, so was more controlled in his demise.

I really liked what I found in the perlite…


Is that a root ball in the perlite mate…?