The Whirly Dirly ConspiracY - Ahh, SCROG IT!


Lmao that’s about right


Time ta fire up the vaporizor an chill. Hurricane winds ah blowin


Stay safe brother!


The new ilgm Gelato suspiciously sound like my sherbert cookies. Same strain mix… hum ilgm!? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :rofl:


Bud your in Florida to?


Yup, lots of us on here


Introduce me


Maybe from differing phenotypes in the parent strains, or male a to female b vs male b to female a. Or original GSC vs Thin Mint. Subtle difference maybe, but I guess breeders gonna breed.


Stoner Memory and easier than tagging people over.


This morning, I was dealing with higher than normal nerve pain shooting down my leg and spider webbing across my foot! As some already know, I got Purp :upside_down_face: slurrin’ my words :drooling_face: kinda high today off leftover PotTayToes!!

The batch of oil I made from my 1/3 of the gorilla grow is hella potent… Northern Lights mixed with Sour D - We lost most of crop overnight due to bud rot :-1:t3: not all :hugs:

I have my lights jacked all the way up and the dimmer turned all the way down. I’ve was trying to get some stretch going, but that light doh!! Clearly it wasn’t having any of that. So I decided the best thing, for me, was some pre screen LSTing to open them up some.

I chose to develop that side branching early, so I have more to work with when the time comes. Have a peep :eyes: at the before n after shots. Totally Ripped & a Few Hours Later…
Tangie (already stank’n)

Blue Dream

All together now

Until next time :wave: but probably not as high :v:t3:


Haha you and raustin both with the bushes. I hope I have that problem too lol.


Its all all about the

bushes :wink:


interesting your plants look so similar to mine must be the QB? I was able to get some stretch from dimming the fixtures 75% or more


Can’t wait for flowering- crank that puppy up finally!



Looking good. Nice and green!


They look great, but they look like they’re in prison. Lol


Just got done building the new screen and put the plants back in the new tent. Built 2 new screens for less than $20. Now to get the ventilation into both tents and finish up the new grow room.


Prison :disappointed: We can’t have that… better now?


Are you going to lower the net, or have them grow into it?