The wait is over. Beans beans and beans


So at the new house and just getting pool ready. Wife stops by and in driveway chatting and she is going through the mail and long behold my seeds arrived!! Total of nine days to arrive!! Thanks ILGM! Outstanding job.

Now I have to get the tent going.


Great feeling! Good luck in the new house!


Thanks and yes great feeling. I wasn’t expecting them this soon but I am loving it!


We are very happy when things go as planned :smiley:


Good deal @Smokin_ernie looking forward to tagging along!


Definitely keep you in the loop


My autos should be arriving next week with any luck :+1:


Ya I got some auto this time as well. They will be my first auto. What did you get?


I ended up going with the auto mix pack (amnesia haze, blueberry and northern lights) I couldn’t decide so I went with a variety.


Solid choice! Fire up the grow journal!!!


I got a text message from a buddy of mine a little while ago and he asked me if i was expecting a package. I replied yeah why, he then called me and told me that there was a package with my name
On it at the post office that had the wrong address on it and they were returning to sender…
Luckily his mom works for the post office and recognized my name so she pulled it out of the return to sender bin and is holding it for me to pick up.
Crisis averted!!
Just thought I would share. Good to have friends looking out for you.