The ultimate compliment to Robert and ILGM

I had a visit from Mendocino ( NorCal) by an old time grower we walked through my grow…
When he seen my white widows autos he said he will grow an acre of that stuff next year…
When he seen my Gold leaf, he asked me if he can get a few cuttings of that tree…:wink:

That is the ultimate compliment to ILGM genetics, these guys from Emerald triangle know how to recognize and grow good stuff…

G ood job ILGM !!!


@RobertBergman genetics rocks :laughing::grinning:

I agree 110% with you @Ragnar

~Al :v: :innocent:


That’s awesome @Ragnar! Thanks :smiley:

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Yea that Gold Leaf is on my list for the top 5 strains!


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